March 22, 2024

March 22, 1944 – Rest camp, replacements, and those amazing LSTs

March 22 Late in March, some units of the 3rd Infantry Division began to come out of the line after more than 60 consecutive days of […]
March 21, 2024

March 21, 1944 – Bombing brings new suffering to Anzio hospital but swimming and baseball continues

Every square inch of Anzio was constantly under bombardment, including the hospital and operating rooms. One headline stated, “Debris is cleared away after an attack on […]
March 20, 2024

March 20, 1944 – On Anzio a beachhead order to the men to wear steel hats or pay fine

AP correspondent, Richard G. Massock, observed, “Germans are being killed on the Anzio beachhead by “some pretty grim looking characters.”[1]
March 20, 2024

A recording of my WWII presentation at the LSU Military Museum

This presentation, “At First Light: How a Teenager Became a WWII Hero” was delivered at the William A. Brookshire LSU Military Museum in October 2023 as […]
March 19, 2024

March 19, 1944 – Not a single spot on Anzio Beachhead is safe from enemy gunfire

Journalist George Tucker wrote, “To appreciate Anzio it is necessary to remember that the beachhead is shaped like a fan, the handle of which is a […]
March 18, 2024

March 18, 1944 – To seize a beachhead like Anzio was one thing—to hold it indefinitely was another

The miserly affection with which the limited ground on the Anzio, Italy beachhead was coveted is shown by the fact that during March the 3rd Infantry […]
March 17, 2024

March 17, 1944 – Dad’s first medal of valor caused Mount Vesuvius to blow her top

Well, not really. But the two events occurred in close proximity to each other. Phil’s first medal of valor was the Silver Star the Army’s third […]
March 16, 2024

March 16, 1944 – Baptism by fire (Part 2)

“No soldier in any of our theaters of operations is better acquainted with this war than is the Infantryman, and no Infantryman knows war more intimately […]
December 21, 2022

Keep diabetes in check during the holidays

For those of you who are diabetics, holiday parties, desserts, and buffets can throw your meal plan way off-track. Here are some tips from HealthDay News:
December 20, 2022

How to survive those holiday buffets

Too many holiday party buffet tables loaded with decadent treats can lead to overstuffed plates — and overstuffed pants. So, here are some tips from HealthDay […]
December 19, 2022

Give yourself the gift of a stress-free holiday

Here are some steps you can take (if not this year, next) to protect your and your family’s health by keeping it simple during the Christmas […]
December 18, 2022

Ten healthy eating tips for the holiday season

Below is an article I wrote for Significant Living magazine on Ten Health Eating Tips for the Holiday Season a few years back. But it’s still pretty […]
December 17, 2022

Pack right for the holidays to avoid the ER

HealthDay News reports “there may be nothing wrong with stuffing your turkey full to bursting, but you might not want to do the same thing with […]
December 16, 2022

How to help kids follow a healthy diet even over holidays

This is a reprint of one of the more popular blogs I posted in the past. It’s adapted from an AP story on how we, as […]
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