Monthly Family Update – December 2023

Wonderful news – “At First Light” earns three top prizes at the 2023 International Page Turner Awards
November 29, 2023
Ask Dr. Walt 30 – Reducing Holiday Stress
December 4, 2023
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Monthly Family Update – December 2023

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. 50th Wedding Anniversary
  2. Signed Copies of At First Light for Christmas Gifts (almost a 40% discount)
  3. At First Light earns three top prizes at the annual International Page Turner Awards
  4. A touching tribute that brought tears to my eyes
  5. More honors for my father and At First Light
  6. Last Month’s Blogs at

1) 50th Wedding Anniversary

November 16-20, the Larimore clan from Atlanta and Colorado Springs was together for a family weekend of festivities and celebration. We had a glorious time with our children, their spouses, and the granddaughters. We took a ton of pictures and made many memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s a special toast made that warmed my heart: IMG_8410

2) Signed Copies of At First Light for Christmas Gifts (almost a 40% discount)

A great gift to consider for book lovers who enjoy WWII stories is At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse. If you’d like personalized and signed copies, here’s how to get them.

  • Order At First Light on here. I’ll receive a small commission, but you’ll get about 36% off the retail price.
  • Then, have the books) sent to Walt at 1265 Foothills Farm Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80921-3954.
  • Forward you digital receipt to me at This will let me know the expected delivery date.
  • In that same email, tell me how you want the books personalized (to whom should the books be signed and whether it’s for a particular date like Christmas or a birthday), and let me know the address to which to send the books back to you.
  • I’ll let you know when the books are signed and on their way to you and the cost of the mailing (usually less than $5 per book if it’s by media mail). You can reimburse me for the shipping by Venmo or check.

2) At First Light earns three top prizes at the annual International Page Turner Awards

I was over-the-moon excited to learn that At First Light won three of the top awards at an elaborate ceremony held in London by the International Page Turner Awards. They said they judged over 2,500 books this year. I complained about them not listing Mike! I hope that they’ll make that edit.

Here’s the page ( showing the Best Book Awards

(1) 2023 Book Award Winners:

  • Walt Larimore won The Page Turner Non-Fiction Book Awardfor his submission, At First Light.

(2) 2023 Book Award Sub-Category winners:

  • Walt Larimore won The Page Turner Golden Author Awardfor his submission, At First Light.

Here’s the page ( showing Best Book Award: Genres

(3) 2023 Best Book Award by Genre:

  • Walt Larimore won The Page Turner Best Book Award in the Genre: True Storiesfor his submission, At First Light.

3) A touching tribute that brought tears to my eyes

A dear friend who is a pastor here in Colorado Springs, and a fan of At First Light, recently sent me this message:

A friend of mine is a West Point grad. I told him about your book, and he loved it. He was at LSU recently when Army went [there to play LSU in football]. He sent me this pic.

This is the picture that meant so much to me:

Charlie Lane at my father’s grave

Charlie Lane went to honor my father and his memory by visiting his grave and leaving a coin on the gravestone. The tradition is you leave a penny to honor the soldier, a nickel if you were in the soldier’s unit, and a quarter if you were in their unit when they died. Charlies left a penny and said that there were other pennies on the tombstone.

5) More honors for my father and At First Light

Because of a recent Veterans Day surge of PR (thank you Ascot Media), At First Light took a big jump in the Amazon ratings:

6) Last Month’s Blogs at

Please let friends and family know that they can subscribe for free to the new blog here.

7) Last Month’s Happenings

  • Nov 16-20, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with the Atlanta Larimores (Scott, Jen, Katherine, and Sarah) and the Colorado Springs Larimores (Kate and Charles). It was an amazing long weekend together for family, food, faith, and fun – with lots of laughter and remembrances. We’ll never forget it.
  • Nov 21-24, Barb and I had a delightful three days in New Orleans to celebrate Thanksgiving with Barb’s sister, Barb, and our niece, Laura.


  • Nov 24-31, we drove to Baton Rouge for the 50th anniversary of the LSU Cheerleader classes of 1972-1973. It was a wonderful weekend of watching LSU football from an amazing suite and visiting with old friends. Below is a picture of us on the Tiger Cage 50 years ago, a picture of me and Mike the Tiger, and one with head cheerleader, Michael Valentino (left), my partner for two years, Shelley Pearce, Minchew, and me, in a private suite to watch LSU play their last home game.

After we walked with the LSU football team down “Victory Hill,” LSU quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Jayden Daniels came over to shake our hands:

8) Upcoming Events

Dec 21-28, Barb’s sister Sue will be in town to share the holidays with us. Otherwise, we’re home and resting for the entire month.

9) Past Three Editions

  • November 2023
    • 50th Wedding Anniversary Events
    • More honors for my father and At First Light
  • October 2023
    • Wonderful trips
    • More honors for my Father: LSU Museum exhibit, OCS Hall of Fame nomination
    • At First Light news: Page Turner Award shortlist for Book of the Year, Louisiana Book Festival, more nice reviews
  • September 2023
    • My Father inducted into the 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Hall of Fame
    • Other At First Light news
      • Philip B. Larimore, Jr. Exhibit at the LSU Military Museum
      • Louisiana Book Festival
      • Great book reviews continue

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© Copyright WLL, INC. 2023.




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