Monthly Family Update – November 2023

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October 30, 2023
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November 3, 2023
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Monthly Family Update – November 2023

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. 50th Wedding Anniversary Events
  2. More honors for my father and At First Light
  3. Last Month’s Blogs at

1) 50th Wedding Anniversary Events

  • A Re-Do on a Sophomoric Marriage Proposal 50 years ago
    • Barb and I were engaged on Valentine’s eve, February 13, 1973, and then married on November 17, 1973. I was an idiot and my proposal, although accepted, was not done well, to say the least. So, I decided for a redo, and on February 13, 2023, the 50th Anniversary of my first proposal, I did the second one (the re-do) much “more better.” Best of all, she accepted. Although the audio is not good, a friend videoed the event. You can see the video here when it premiers on my YouTube channel on November 15.
  • European Adventure
    • In October, we had the two-week trip of a lifetime celebrating being friends for 67 years (since we were 5 years old), a romantic couple for 55 years, and married for 49 years (at the time). We started with 3 days in Amsterdam, then a 7-day Rhine River Viking cruise through Holland, Germany, France, to Switzerland. Then a day in Basel, two days in Lucerne, a day in Zurich, and the icing on the cake was three days in Paris ending with a celebration dinner at the Eifel Tower. Wowser. It was wonderful, and I’ll blog the details soon.

  • November 16-20, the Larimore clan from Atlanta and Colorado Springs will gather for a family weekend of festivities and celebration.

2) More honors for my father and At First Light:

  • An exhibit honoring Dad and his heroics opened at the LSU Military Museum on October 26 in Baton Rouge. Barb and I were there for the ribbon cutting. I also did a book signing and gave a presentation about him. I hope to post the presentation in a blog in the next few weeks.


  • At First Light, the book about dad, and I were featured at the Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge on October 28. I gave a presentation to a pack-out room. It went very well.

3) Last Month’s Blogs at

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4) Last Month’s Happenings:

  • October 4-21, Barb and I traveled to Europe to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary (well, the actual date is November 17, but we went while the weather was better).
    • 10/4, flew to Amsterdam
    • 10/5-6, Amsterdam
    • 10/7, Boarded our Viking long boat and set sail
    • 10/8, Kinderdijk
    • 10/9, Cologne
    • 10/10, Koblenz and Rudesheim
    • 10/11, Speyer
    • 10/12, Strasbourg
    • 10/13, Breisach (and visited Colmar where my dad fought in WWII)
    • 10/14, Deboard, Basel, bullet train to Lucerne
    • 10/15, Lucerne
    • 10/16, Zurich
    • 10/17, Bullet train to Paris
    • 10/18-20, Paris, including an anniversary meal on the Eifel Tower
    • 10/21, Flew home
  • October 25-31, we were in Baton Rouge for some At First Light events
    • Thursday, October 26, I gave a keynote presentation and a book signing at the opening of an exhibit honoring my father, Philip B. Larimore, Jr., at the LSU Military Museum at the Memorial Tower.
    • Saturday, October 28, At First Light was a featured book at the Louisiana Book Festival. I gave a presentation and did a lively Q&A.
    • Sunday, October 30, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of my father’s passing at his and mom’s graves at the Port Hudson National Military Cemetery

5) Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 21-24, Barb and I will be in New Orleans to celebrate a romantic and grateful Thanksgiving with each other.
  • Nov 24-31, we’ll drive to Baton Rouge for the 50th anniversary of the LSU Cheerleader classes of 1972-1973.

6) Past Three Editions:

  • October 2023
    • Wonderful trips
    • More honors for my Father: LSU Museum exhibit, OCS Hall of Fame nomination
    • At First Light news: Page Turner Award shortlist for Book of the Year, Louisiana Book Festival, more nice reviews
  • September 2023
    • My Father inducted into the 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Hall of Fame
    • Other At First Light news
      • Philip B. Larimore, Jr. Exhibit at the LSU Military Museum
      • Louisiana Book Festival
      • Great book reviews continue
  • August 2023
      • My Father inducted into the 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Hall of Fame
      • Colorado Springs station’s coverage of Dad and his book
      • Other At First Light news
        • International Page Turner Book Award Finalist
        • Possible Movie or Mini-Series
        • Possible Medal of Honor
        • Louisiana Book Festival

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