Monthly Family Update – January 2024

January 1, 1944 – A teenage WWII hero was prepares to ship out – Part 1 – Fort Bragg
January 1, 2024
January 2, 1944 – A teenage WWII hero prepares to ship out – Part 2 – Final leave
January 2, 2024
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Monthly Family Update – January 2024

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. Starting a new blog series: Where Was Phil Larimore 80 Years Ago Today?
  2. Wreaths Across America honors my father
  3. “The Man Bullets Couldn’t Stop”
  4. “Ask Dr. Walt” columns in Today’s Christian Living magazine
  5. Great interview Feedback
  6. Last Month’s Blogs at

1) Starting a new blog series: Where Was Phil Larimore 80 Years Ago Today?

Assuming these blogs get a good reception (meaning that folks like you read and like them), I’m planning to do a blog on most days of the next 18 months following my father’s exploits and adventures during WWII. Each day’s blog will represent what he and the men with whom he was fighting were doing 80 years ago on the exact day of the blog.

Could I ask a favor? Could you let friends and family who are WWII aficionados know about the blog? They can sign up for it at Below are a few examples, although they likely won’t post until the day listed.

2) Wreaths Across America honors my father


My family and I are so grateful to the volunteers and donors at Wreaths Across America for honoring my father and those heroes buried with him. They do this every Christmas season at every military grave across the country. Amazing. I hope you’ll consider an annual donation to them. You can donate here.


3) “The Man Bullets Couldn’t Stop” 

This last month I had a delightful interview with a producer at New 6 Orlando in Florida about At First Light and my father based upon some recently discovered research. The web posting is titled, ‘The man that bullets couldn’t stop:’ Author writes book of his father’s WWII heroism . I hope you enjoy the article.

4) “Ask Dr. Walt” columns in Today’s Christian Living magazine

I enjoy being penning a bi-monthly column for the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine. But I forgot to give y’all the links to the last three columns, so here they are.

  • July – A guide to non-sugar sweeteners (pages 36-37)
    • What are the healthiest alternatives to sugar?
    • High-intensity NSS (non-sugar sweeteners)
    • Low-calorie sweeteners (sugar alcohols)
    • Alternative sugars
    • Are sugar substitutes safe for children?
    • The bottom line
  • September – Q&A (pages 28-29)
    • Which cooking oils are good and which are bad?
    • Does acupuncture have any medical benefit?
    • Is vitamin-enhanced water healthy?
  • November issue – All about CBD (pages 44-45)
    • What is CBD?
    • How popular is CBD and for what conditions do people use CBD?
    • Has CBD been proven to work for anything?
    • What side effects does CBD have?
    • How do I choose a CBD to purchase if I want to try it?
    • Other cautions and warnings
    • The bottom line about CBD

5) Great interview Feedback

I did two podcasts with Dr. Marissa Pei, who calls herself the “Asian Oprah.” I enjoyed both, despite some technical issues at the beginning of the first one. I was delighted when a friend sent me the following feedback that Dr. Pei had placed on her website:

I have had over a thousand guests on my award-winning show “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa” over the past 600 consecutive weeks on the air/on camera, and I have to say, Dr. Walt Larimore will be remembered as one of my top 8 (By the way, 8 is a lucky number in Chinese … a homophone for Good Fortune).

The hour flew by with his amazing story/stories of his beloved father, whose heroic experiences in WWII were aptly conveyed to my amazed and appreciative audience, and left the host/producer, yours truly in tears multiple times.

And just to put things in perspective, I am asked to interview authors every day, and at the risk of sounding bratty, I usually ask them not to send me a copy because I don’t have time to read, but I really can’t wait to listen to At First Light.

Oh, and of the thousand guests, I have only asked a handful of them back for an encore interview … but guess who is coming back next week …”

  • Marissa, ‘Asian Oprah’

You can view the two interviews here:

6) Last Month’s Blogs at

Please let friends and family know that they can subscribe for free to the new blog here.

7) Last Month’s Happenings

  • Dec 21-28, Barb’s sister Sue was in town to share the Christmas season with us. What a delightful time we all enjoyed together.
  • Otherwise, we were home and resting for the entire month.

8) Upcoming Events

  •  No travel or speaking/publicity events planned. Just a sabbatical month of rest and refocusing.

9) Past Three Editions

  • December 2023
    • 50th Wedding Anniversary
    • At First Light earns three top prizes at the annual International Page Turner Awards
    • A touching tribute that brought tears to my eyes
    • More honors for my father and At First Light
  • November 2023
    • 50th Wedding Anniversary Events
    • More honors for my father and At First Light
  • October 2023
    • Wonderful trips
    • More honors for my Father: LSU Museum exhibit, OCS Hall of Fame nomination
    • At First Light news: Page Turner Award shortlist for Book of the Year, Louisiana Book Festival, more nice reviews

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