Larimore Family Newsletter – December 2010

Devotional for Men – Healthy Through and Through – Part 7 – Examine Your Wheels
November 29, 2010
St. John’s wort may not help patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
December 1, 2010
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Larimore Family Newsletter – December 2010

Here are the contents of our Family Newsletter:

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Family Update
  • Publication Update
    • Avoid Loneliness Like the Plague
    • Past Articles in Significant Living magazine
    • New Dutch Translation
  • Broadcast Update
    • Family Talk Broadcast on Immunizations
  • Events of the last month
  • Upcoming Events

What Better Holiday Gifts For Readers Than Signed/Personalized Books
It’s not to early to begin thinking about unique holiday gifts, and what could be more exclusive than receiving a best-selling book, autographed by the author, and personalized to the recipient. Most of my books are available for just such gifts. You can order them here. Better yet, some of them are on sale between now and Christmas. Supplies are limited, so be sure to order yours now.
Family Update
Finally, our wonderful and prolonged fall fell with a vengeance. Yesterday, the snow started falling (the latest first snowfall in recorded history around here. The thermometer fell to 5 degrees and the snow piled up. My usual 25-minute commute to Mission Medical Clinic in the Springs took an hour and fifteen minutes. Whew!
But, the evening brought a warm fire and hot chocolate … so, all is well. Travels this month will take us to the historic Grove Park Inn in Asheville (and visits with dear friends), as well as a visit with family and friends in Baton Rouge. And, I just got a call from the Surgeon General asking me to attend a meeting in Atlanta this month, so that means I get to see Scott, Jen, Anna Kate, and Sarah. So, I’m blessed.
And, I pray that this Christmas season will be a blessing for you and yours. Merry Christmas.
Publishing Update
Avoid Loneliness Like the Plague
My latest article in Significant Living magazine is a continuation of my series on “The 10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People.” It’s titled Two Are Better Than One.
I begin the article writing, “Extensive research involving hundreds of thousands of people around the world shows that loneliness not only hurts us physically, emotionally, and spiritually—but also can kill.”
The article is in the November/December 2010 issue of Significant Living magazine.
Past Articles in Significant Living magazine
You can see some of my past articles in Significant Living magazine, including some in the “10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People” series by clicking here:

  • Seek Balance: Manage stress wisely to improve your well-being. Part four in our series on becoming a highly healthy person.
  • Unburden Yourself: Harboring anger, resentment, or blame? It may be taking a toll on your health. Part three in our ongoing series about the essentials of happy, healthy people.
  • Take Good Care: Make a few changes to prevent disease and improve your longevity. This is part two in our on-going series about essentials of happy, healthy people.
  • A Balancing Act: Last issue we started a new series on the 10 essentials of happy, healthy people. But what really defines being healthy?
  • His Brain, Her Brain: He thinks she talks too much. She says he says too little. You may be surprised to learn the problem is not with their tongues, but with their brains.

New Dutch Translation
I’m pleased to learn that The Gabon Virus and The Influenza Bomb are both to be translated into Dutch. This is the first of my books to be translated into Dutch and the first foreign translation for the TSI novels. I’m blessed to have had my books translated into 12 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and Russian).
Broadcast Update
I received a call this month from my friend, Dr. James Dobson. He wanted me to come into the studio with him to record a couple of radio shows for his new nationally syndicated show called Family Talk on the topic of childhood and adult vaccines.
It was good to see and be with him again. Those of you who know him will be pleased to learn that he and Shirley’s health is well and he’s loving being able to work with his son, Ryan.
The shows, I am told, will be scheduled for broadcast in January, so, in next month’s newsletter I should be able to let you know the dates.
Events of the last month
Nov 11-12, I was in Louisville, KY, speaking twice at the Global Missions Health Conference at Southeast Christian Church. This is the largest Christian medical missions conference in the world – and this year had 40% more attendees than any year in the past. There must have been 4000 attendees, although I’ve not learned the official count. I did a workshop on The Spiritual History, and a plenary talk on The Sanctity of Life – One Physician’s Journey. My time there was short, but the talks seemed well received and it was great to see a few old friends.
Nov 12-13, I scurried back to Colorado Springs and out to the Golden Bell Camp in the Rocky Mountains where Barb and I attended a Life Network Board retreat. It was a very fruitful time with some dear friends in a beautiful setting.
Nov 17, Barb and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful day together. Lunch at Amuze (the wonderful restaurant at which we celebrated our anniversary last year when it was located in Palmer Lake) and a tour of a new exhibit at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, followed by some shopping and then a quiet dinner at home. Romantic … restful … refreshing … and, Barb has signed up for another year. Sweet!
Nov 25-28, we enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving weekend together at home with our daughter Kate. Wonderful. It’s by far my favorite holiday of the year.
Upcoming Events
Dec 2-5, Tomorrow, Barb and I will fly to Asheville, NC, where I’ll address the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians. I’ll be talking on The Childhood Obesity Epidemic: What Can A Busy Family Physician Do? and Natural Medications in the Treatment of Osteoporosis: An Evidence-Based Approach. We’ll be staying at the historic Grove Park Inn and will be spending a romantic evening touring the Biltmore Estate. Of course, we’re looking forward to visiting with old friends, especially Rick Pyertiz, MD, with whom I practiced in Bryson City, NC, from 1981-1985.
Dec 9-14, Barb and I will be in Baton Rouge at a family reunion with Barb’s side of the family. Then, Barb will fly home.
Dec 14-16, I’ll spend Tuesday night with dear friends in New Orleans and then fly to Charlotte, NC, on Wednesday. Tuesday morning I’ll be filming with Joe Gibbs at Joe Gibbs Racing. We’re filming a small-group study for his book, Gameplan for Life. I wrote the health chapter for Joe’s book. It will be good to be with him again. The afternoon of the 16th, I’ll fly to Atlanta.
Dec 16-17, Thursday afternoon and evening will be with son, Scott, daughter-in-love, Jennifer, and grandchildren, Anna Kate and Sarah Elisabeth. How I’m looking forward to my time with them. Friday, I have a meeting with folks at the Surgeon General’s office and then I’ll fly home Friday evening.
For the rest of December, I’ll be home, resting and writing. I’m still working on the Hazel Creek novel and Guy Talk for teen boys.
Past Issues

You can get more information on many of my upcoming events here.

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