Welcome Sarah Elisabeth

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October 2, 2009
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Welcome Sarah Elisabeth

Anna Kate 1Today, at 859 am, Sarah Elisabeth Larimore was born, via C-section, at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a remarkable event and a special blessing.
Two weeks ago, I sent this note to close friends and family:

Barb and I are so very thankful to each of you who have been praying with us for our son, Scott, his precious wife, Jennifer, and their unborn daughter, Sarah Elisabeth, due on November 13th.

But, now, they’ve run into a bump on the road.

At a routine ultrasound this week, the doctors found a very rare complication called vasa previa — an obstetric complication defined as “fetal vessels crossing or running in close proximity to the inner cervical os,” which is the opening to the womb.

With vasa previa, the blood vessels from Sarah to her placenta course within the membranes unsupported by the umbilical cord or placental tissue.

Therefore, these fragile blood vessels are at risk of rupture. IF they rupture, the risk of death to the unborn child is very high (50-95%).

This is especially likely if the cervix dilates, the membranes rupture, or if the vessels become pinched off as they are compressed between the baby and the walls of the birth canal.

However, when vasa previa is diagnosed, elective delivery by cesarean before labor begins will usually save the baby’s life.

Ideally, the cesarean should be performed early enough to avoid an emergency, but late enough to avoid problems associated with prematurity.

Therefore, the doctors have admitted Jennifer to Emory University Medical Center for close monitoring until the baby is born.

And, they are recommending delivery of Sarah between 34 and 35 weeks gestation — which will be about October 5.

We are hoping you will join us for praying daily for Scott, Jennifer, Anna Kate, and Sarah Elisabeth:

  • That Sarah Elisabeth will be born alive and well.
  • That she will need little or no time in the NICU.
  • That Jennifer will remain healthy and do well with the surgery.
  • That Scott will be guided by the Lord to balance wisely the difficulties and responsibilities of work, being a dad, and being a husband.
  • For wisdom for the doctors and healthcare team caring for Jennifer and Sarah Elisabeth.
  • That the Spirit of the Lord will give Scott and Jennifer peace during these difficult times and that he will use these events to draw them more closely to Himself.

And, would you join is in praising the Lord:

  • For the early, and likely, lifesaving diagnosis made by the ultrasonographer.
  • For the excellent care Jennifer and Sarah are receiving at Emory University.
  • For the support Jennifer and Scott have from close friends and family, as well as their church family, in Atlanta.

Thanks SO much, dear ones! We’ll keep you updated as events warrant.

Walt and Barb

This morning, I was able to send out this note:

At 859 am this morning, at Emory Hospital, Sarah Elisabeth was born, reportedly “screaming her lungs out.” She was 5 lb 12 oz, and 18 inches long. Sarah Elisabeth, her mom and dad are all doing well.

We see in her sweet face, the incarnation of the answer to your many, many prayers on our behalf.
We are grateful to the Lord for His mercy and His gift of Sarah Elisabeth. And, we are deeply grateful to each of you for your prayers.
Gratefully in His grip.
Walt and Barb


  1. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I will be keeping everyone in prayer. Since I read your books,
    I feel like I know you all personally. I live in Murphy, NC.
    I thank you for letting me know about your new granddaughter.
    Praise GOD !!!

  2. sallie and Bill childers says:

    What a precious little one!! The fuzzy hair is too cute. We are so thankful that Sarah Elisabeth and Mom and Dad are doing great.
    Continuing to pray for everything to continue so well,
    Sallie and Bill

  3. Prayers answered! Please congratulate Scott and Jennifer for us. Glad all are doing well.

  4. Barbara Nigh says:

    God is so good!! I thank God that He allowed the doctor’s reading your grand-daughter’s ultrasound to find this rare condition that led to the healthy birth of Sarah Elisabeth! What a miracle this is! I shared your prayer request with our entire department of 45 people so many have been praying.

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