Praying with patients in clinical care (ICMDA Webinar – 1 of 5)

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Praying with patients in clinical care (ICMDA Webinar – 1 of 5)

I was honored, privileged, and blessed to present a series of five global webinars for the International Christian Medical and Dental Associations. I’ll post  one a week over the next five weeks. The first is on the subject of “Praying with Patients in Clinical Care.” The response was amazing, with health professionals attending from 70 countries. If you’d like to listen in, see the information below.

This ICMDA webinar was translated live into Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, and Portuguese and the recording of the webinar is now available online.

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Here’s some of the feedback from participants:
  • From  Hardja Priatna: Thank you Dr Larimore, i will restart to pray seriously and intensely for and with me, my patients and colleagues. Hope Jesus will be glorified.
  • From  Kenneth Tan: thanks so much for this presentation, will be eagerly waiting for the recording. God bless you Dr. Larimore and Dr Saunders.
  • From  Marissa Resulta: Thank you, Dr Larimore, for your excellent presentation and personal life experiences. God bless you.
  • From  LEE CHOO CHIN: Thank you Dr. Larimore for the inspiring  sharing.
  • From  Luissana Concepcion Cruz: Wonderful!! Thank You So Much for this Webinars. I Need all Books.
  • From  Dr.Mapane Mathibela: wow! Thank you so much.
  • From  Tongman Shadrach: An amazing Session. God bless you Sir🙏🏻🙏🏻👏
  • From  Peter Kiehlmann: Wonderful encouragement with many useful resources! Thanks very much.
  • From  Andrew Gamal: thanks so much for this session. May God bless all of you.
  • From  Puseletso Ntsutle: This is so wonderful  i wish that many professionals healthcare workers can hear this.
  • From  Tongman Shadrach: Wow, this is great.
  • From  Nijs Stam: Wonderful to hear how people finding themselves confronted by their finality and vulnerability give up their resistance to God’s grace.

For your interest, health professional from the following 70 countries registered for the webinar:

Afghanistan India Peru
Argentina Indonesia Philippines
Australia Israel Portugal
Benin Kazakhstan Romania
Brazil Kenya Russia
Burkina Faso Korea, Republic of Rwanda
Burundi Kuwait Singapore
Cameroon Lebanon Solomon Islands
Canada Lesotho South Africa
China Liberia South Sudan
Congo, DR Madagascar Spain
Dominican Republic Malawi Switzerland
Ecuador Malaysia Taiwan
Egypt Moldova, Republic of Tanzania
Eswatini Myanmar Timor-Leste
Ethiopia Nepal Togo
Fiji Netherlands Trinidad and Tobago
France New Zealand Uganda
French Guiana Nigeria United Kingdom
Germany North Macedonia United States
Ghana Norway Yemen
Greece Pakistan Zambia
Guinea Papua New Guinea
Hong Kong SAR Paraguay


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