“Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living “Should you use red yeast rice?” (Part 6 of 7)

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“Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living “Should you use red yeast rice?” (Part 6 of 7)

I enjoy being penning a bi-monthly column for the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine. In the March 2024 issue I addressed some options on treating high cholesterol in an article titled, “Is Red Rice Yeast the Best Treatment for a Potential Killer – High Cholesterol?”

March 2024 Today’s Christian Living

HERE’S THE LINK to the column which you’ll find on pages 22-23. And below is Part 1 of 7 in the article titled, “Is Red Rice Yeast the Best Treatment for a Potential Killer – High Cholesterol?”:

Should you use red yeast rice?

Based on the varying amounts of lovastatin in most products and citrinin in many products, ConsumerLab.com recommends that “it may be preferable to use a prescription statin drug to ensure a more consistent dose [and safer products]. However, red yeast rice may be effective for some people who don’t respond to statins drugs, and certain side effects may be diminished.”

If you decide to take red yeast rice instead of a prescription statin, ConsumerLab’s “Top Pick” among the products it has “Approved” as safe and effective is HPF Cholestene™. A serving of two capsules twice daily provides 12.9 mg of lovastatin – a dose likely to help lower elevated cholesterol levels. ConsumerLab adds, “HPF Cholestene™ appears to provide the best value—just 49 cents per 10 mg, which is less than half the cost of getting the same amount of lovastatin from the next least expensive product, Nature’s Sunshine®, at $1.03. The highest cost to get 10 mg of lovastatin is $7.60 from Nature’s Way®.”

Here’s the whole series:

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