Pro-Life Leader Dr. James Dobson May Endorse John McCain for President

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July 21, 2008
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Pro-Life Leader Dr. James Dobson May Endorse John McCain for President is reporting that evangelical pro-life leader Dr. James Dobson may be prepared to change his position and endorse John McCain for president. Dobson has previously expressed a reluctance to support the Arizona senator over his pro-abortion rival Barack Obama but Dobson said that may change.
My Take?
I worked for Dr. Dobson for nearly four years at Focus on the Family, and when he came out against John McCain, it surprised me – for a number of reasons:

1) The next President may appoint up to three Supreme Court justices. Since Senator McCain had supported Judge Bork, Judge Roberts, and Judge Alito, and since a number of critical prolife issues could be decided by the Supreme Court over the next few years, I thought that this fact alone would lead Dr. Dobson to overlook several of his significant differences with the Senator.

2) If elected, Senator O’Bama would be the most far left radical ever elected President. Virtually everything the pro-life community and Dr. Dobson hold dear are and have been opposed by Barak O’Bama.

3) On the other side of the aisle, Senator McCain has been far more supportive of pro-life issues – especially in the arenas of partial birth abortion (opposing), abortion (opposing), and adoption (favoring).

4) Even though Senator McCain still supports unethical embryonic stem cell research, he is reconsidering this issue with people I know and trust.

Thus, I was happy to hear Dr. Dobson, on his broadcast today, say, “I never thought I would hear myself saying this … While I am not endorsing Senator John McCain, the possibility is there that I might.” 
The Associated Press indicated Dobson, provided a statement that featured more of an explanation about his change of heart.
“There’s nothing dishonorable in a person rethinking his or her positions, especially in a constantly changing political context,” Dobson said.
“Barack Obama contradicts and threatens everything I believe about the institution of the family and what is best for the nation,” Dobson explained. “His radical positions on life … force me to reevaluate the candidacy of our only other choice, John McCain.”
Dobson initially suggested he might not be able to support McCain because of a disagreement on embryonic stem cell research funding, but he said McCain’s position against abortion is solid and that must be considered.
AP also indicated that Dobson said McCain’s choice for a running mate will play a role in determining whether he eventually endorses the presidential hopeful.
Earlier this month, Dobson criticized the Obama campaign for an ad it was running on Christian stations and said it was misleading. 
The Obama ad claimed certain people were trying to grab headlines and throw stones at Obama’s faith and it was aimed at Dobson, who has said Obama is misrepresenting his Christian faith by backing unlimited abortions.
In the broadcast, Dobson responded, “We are not throwing stones at Senator Obama for his faith. That’s off the wall. We are responding to his comments about the Bible and about us and about the Constitution. We don’t want to leave it on the record that we are throwing stones at Senator Obama to grab the headlines.”
Last month, Dobson said Obama was misrepresenting his Christian views because he supports abortion.  


  1. Rev. W.A. Smith says:

    I very much admired Dr. Dobson’s stand against John McCain. I myself cannot vote for him due to his position on gay marriage. I cannot vote for Obama either. I WILL NOT vote for either one. I would be lying about my faith if I did so. If Dr Dobson flip flops and endorses McCain, I will never trust his word again and will reccomend to the people that I counsel do the same. You either believe what the Bible teaches, or you don’t. You cannot have it both ways. The Bible clearly states that Homosexuality is a SIN. McCain supports gay marriage, therefore as Christians, we cannot support him.

  2. Dr. Walt says:

    With all due respect, Rev. Smith, are you, as my kids would say, “crazy in the head”? There are at least three major reasons for those of us who are prolife, should vote for Senator McCain. (1) Supreme Court Justice #1, (2) Supreme Court Justice #2, and (3) Senator Obama.
    Senator McCain, despite any other complaints you or I may have against him, voted for the Supreme Court nomination of Bork, Roberts, and Alito. And, the next President will likely nominate at least TWO new Supreme Court justices.
    The Court will decide more and more cases that are dear to our prolife hearts. How can we, in good conscience, throw that to a pro-death nominee for President.
    The third reason is Obama himself. As I’ve blogged elsewhere, I believe this man to be the most radically left nominee in U.S. history. He is opposed to everything most pro-life folks hold dear.
    I do hope you, Rev. Smith, like Dr. Dobson, will reconsider your vote. The choice may not be perfect, but, to me, it is perfectly clear.

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