Florida Surgeon General’s anti-vax warning debunked

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January 26, 2024
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January 30, 2024
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Florida Surgeon General’s anti-vax warning debunked

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, MD, PhD, recently issued a strongly-worded warning that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines should not be used. Paul Offit, MD, of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, recently refuted Dr. Ladapo’s statement and explains how the mRNA vaccines are made and how they cannot do what Dr. Ladapo opines that they can.

“It is hard to believe that Dr. Ladapo actually issued that statement,” says Dr. Offit; nevertheless, a number of my readers have swallowed Dr. Ladapo’s statement hook line and sinker and have asked me to support Dr. Ladapo.

Dr. Offit, MD, expertly exposes the scientific fallacies used by Dr. Ladapo, and for me, Dr. Offit is far more likely to be correct than is Dr. Ladapo, but I’ll be very interested in what you, my readers, think.

You can view Dr. Offit’s four-minute explanation here.


You can also read the transcript as published by MedPage on January 05, 2024 below:

On January 3 of 2024, the surgeon general of Florida, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, put out a warning that physicians and healthcare providers in this state, Florida, should not use mRNA vaccines. The reason is that supposedly they were contaminated with DNA fragments that would then insert themselves into human DNA and could cause cancers like leukemia or lymphoma or autoimmune diseases or other problems.

So is that possible? Is it possible that Dr. Ladapo is correct and that for that reason we should avoid mRNA-containing vaccines? In order to understand the answer to that question, you need to understand how mRNA vaccines are made. So, we’ll start at the beginning.

What you start with when you make an mRNA vaccine is a small circular plasmid of DNA, double-stranded DNA, into which is inserted the gene that codes for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. You then amplify that plasmid in bacteria — you cut the bacteria, you’ve released the plasmid, then you cut out that small piece of DNA. Then you use an enzyme, RNA polymerase, to transform that DNA into messenger RNA. There are a variety of purification steps, there are filtration steps, there’s treatment with DNA ACE1, which is an enzyme that cuts DNA.

So is it possible that despite purification and filtration that you are left with small amounts of fragmented DNA? Yes, you are. You have roughly a billionth of a gram, nanograms, of this fragmented DNA.

So could that DNA then affect your DNA?

In order for that to happen, three things would have to occur, all of which are for the most part impossible.

  • The first is that the DNA would have to enter your cytoplasm. Now, our cytoplasm hates foreign DNA and it has a variety of mechanisms, including innate immunological mechanisms and enzymes, to destroy foreign DNA.
  • Then that DNA, which would never survive the cytoplasm, would have to then cross the nuclear membrane into the nucleus, which would require a nuclear access signal that these DNA fragments don’t have.
  • Even if they entered the nucleus, which they can’t, they would have to insert themselves into your DNA, which means they would have to cut your DNA, which would require enzymes like integrases, which they also don’t have.

So the chance that DNA could affect your DNA is zero.

It’s interesting that the minute you bring up the notion of foreign DNA, people get scared, right?

Because DNA is the blueprint of life, and we certainly don’t want to affect our blueprints for life. But you’re exposed to foreign DNA all the time.

  • One, you have trillions of bacteria living on your body, which is foreign DNA too. Assuming you live on this planet and you eat animals or plants on this planet, you are ingesting foreign DNA, some of which enters your circulation — which has been proven.
  • Also, all vaccines that are made in cells, whether it’s the measles vaccine, the mumps vaccine, the German measles rubella vaccine, the varicella vaccine, the rotavirus vaccines, yellow fever vaccines — any viral vaccine that’s made in cells will have residual quantities of DNA in the picogram (which is trillions of a gram) to nanogram (which is billions of a gram) category. There is no avoiding that.

I think that we should be reassured that when you fragment this DNA and you have it in quantities that are just trace quantities, knowing what you know about the inability of these trace fragmented DNAs to be able to enter your nucleus and cause harm, it is hard to believe that Dr. Ladapo actually issued that statement.

Ironically, he said that you should use other COVID vaccines.

The other COVID vaccine that’s licensed for people over 12 in this country is Novavax’s vaccine. Novavax’s vaccine is also made in cells. It’s a so-called baculovirus expression vector. The baculovirus has inserted into it the gene that codes for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. It is then infected into cells, the cells were so-called Spodoptera frugiperda cells or Sf9 cells, so you’d also have residual DNA there as well.

There’s just no avoiding it.

The point is to have it at such little and in fragmented levels that it can’t possibly do harm.

So scaring people unnecessarily like this has been hard to watch.

Hopefully, this has been reassuring.

I’m grateful to MedPage’s Associate Video Producer, Emily Hutto, for providing this video and transcript.

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  1. Nathan Hale says:

    It is unconscionable that a sizeable majority of medical practitioners are existing in states of willful denial of that which has become readily verifiable, on an empirical basis, thus starkly evident:

    That immense numbers of those to whom mRNA “vaccines” have been administered have been ruinously adversely affected by their exposure to them. One wonders how much more evidence than already exists to attest to the toxicity of the nominal vaccines must be accumulated before the reality of their being inefficacious and inherently unsafe is suitably acknowledged.

    • Mr. Hale,

      I believe your deeply held personal beliefs are sincere; however, I also believer that they are sincerely wrong. More details in tomorrow’s blog to refute your delusion “That immense numbers of those to whom mRNA ‘vaccines’ have been administered have been ruinously adversely affected by their exposure to them” is demonstrably and terribly wrong. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see why that is so. Nevertheless, although we both view the evidence differently, I wish you blessings on your journey toward truth!

      Dr. Walt

  2. John Theo says:

    This is an interesting argument. I could not listen to the entire post as med pop-ups kept blocking the video feed. From what I could hear, I do believe it is a cherry-picked argument. If (for argument’s sake) Dr Offit is 100% correct on this particular issue, there is still mountains of scientific evidence showing how dangerous these C-19 vaccines are in other areas. One does not have to be a medical professional to scan the VAERS data, to harvest the massive amount of other medical abnormalities. One example – Myocarditis has skyrocketed.

    There has also been the very sad fall of mainstream science and medicine with the recently admitted senate hearings where “Trust the science” Fauci admitted to simply making up the 6′ mandatory “safe distance”. Not to mention the moving target of the vaccine itself. First, it’s 100% effective. Then it’s mostly effective. Then, you’re mostly protected but you can now spread it. Then you get it, you spread it, and you could still be hospitalized but the severity might not be as bad. Then, when the boosters were introduced the entire story reset. But trust the science…so many other examples but you get the point.

    Science and medicine have lost more credibility in three years than they have since the Hippocratic oath was invented

    As an aside, I love all your Bryson books. Very well written.

    • Mr. Theo,

      Thanks for the note. BTW, the text of the video is in the blog for you to review when you get a moment.

      No doubt the messaging on COVID has certainly morphed, eh!?!? But, the science is, thank the Lord, becoming, in my opinion, more clear as the researchers accumulated more and more data.

      Rather than going back and rehashing old debates, I’m trying to give my readers the most up-to-date science on COVID vaccines and treatments. I hope it’ll be helpful.

      And, your kind words and feedback about the Bryson City books are an encouragement, affirmation, and blessing. Did you know that two sequels are out now about our Kissimmee days? “The Best Medicine” and “The Best Gift”.

      In addition, I have two historical fiction books about the Bryson City area and the Smoky Mountains based in the 1920s and 30s. They are titled “Hazel Creek” and “Sugar Fork“.

      I hope you enjoy them.


  3. John Theo says:

    Thank you Dr. Larimore for the response. I’m looking up the books now!!! 🙂

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