Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #4

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May 21, 2008
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Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #4

Here is the 4th update on the brave young team of family physicians who crossed the border from Thailand into Myanmar to serve the victims of the cyclone. This message is from the wife of the team leader:
I just got off the phone with (my husband) and he said everyone is doing awesome – healthy and strong. 
Yesterday they did two different clinics at two different locations and were able to again see about 400 hundred people. 
The day before they took about 50 people for dinner a sort of cultural exchange with local professionals. (My husband) said it was very, very good and lots was accomplished!
Today they will teach workshops and train local doctors. 
(My husband) couldn’t go into much detail but he said to tell you  “please do  not stop praying, don’t let your guard down.”
He said the UN came to visit yesterday and the atmosphere is very tense. 
There will be the second round of voting on Saturday for the current military power and the team is being watched closely to make sure they are not in the country siding with the opposition. 
(My husband) said that all of the people they have been in contact with and working to develop relationships with have all been questioned at length by the authorities . 
Please pray for the teams “new Friends.” Pray for their protection! 
(My husband) said there is very little interest in the religious aspect of their trip – (rather) it is the helping of the local people that is causing attention. 
(My husband) asked that you pray specifically that the team will stay focused on what they are supposed to do and that they will continue to walk in wisdom.
The team will be leaving Burma around 9:00pm our time tomorrow (Friday) night. (My husband) said there is much to report, our Father has done amazing things. 
(He) said at this point only South East Asian aid workers are being allowed in the country, another sign that our team being there is truly supernatural.
Please continue to pray for … 
The teams safety and health
The Team to have wisdom and direction this last 24 hours
The safety of the “new brothers and sisters” 
The safety of ongoing work in the country
The restoration of the land and people of Burma
Thank you for being so diligent to lift up all of things concerning this trip we are so grateful. I look forward to writing you with  the amazing details of our Father’s faithfulness and supernatural provisions. 

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