Monthly Family Update – July 2023

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July 4, 2023
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July 7, 2023
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Monthly Family Update – July 2023

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. My Father to be posthumously inducted into the 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Hall of Fame
  2. At First Light news, including discussion of a movie or mini-series
  3. This month’s blogs at

1. My Father to be posthumously inducted into the 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Hall of Fame

I’m over the moon delighted to share with you some great news. My father and my hero, MAJ Philip B. Larimore, Jr., is to be inducted into the U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Hall of Fame at Fort Stewart Georgia on August 1, 2023.

I’m told that his election was, “By unanimous vote of the Command Staff of the 3rd Infantry Division.” This is a singular honor that’s been awarded to only a few soldiers such as Audie Murphy and some of the 3rd ID commanding generals. Dad will be inducted along with Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Marshall – pretty good company, if I don’t say so.

All my brothers and some of Dad’s grandchildren will be there to honor his memory.

2. At First Light news

  • Possible Movie or Mini-Series: Just this week, my agent, Greg Johnson, entered into very preliminary discussions with movie producer, Benjamin Jones (Peace River), about producing a documentary series on my father and his exploits. He’s only done one movie, but if you view the movie or its trailers (here), he did a mighty fine job with that one.
  • Possible Medal of Honor: I’ve been informed that the military is investigating the feasibility of recommending that Dad’s Distinguished Service Cross be promoted to a Congressional Medal of Honor. I’ve been warned that the odds are low and the process long, but the investigation has begun.
  • Louisiana Book Festival: On October 28, in Baton Rouge, LA, the book will be featured at the Louisiana Book Festival.
  • Great Reviews continue: The book has achieved over 200 reviews on Amazon, 115 on GoodReads, and 71 on B&N. Almost 95% are 5-star ratings. I’m so happy about this.

3. Blogs at

Please let friends and family know that they can subscribe for free to the new blog here.

4. Last Month’s Happenings

  • June 1, I was blessed to be able to present a webinar to Christian Health Professionals around the world for the International Christian Medical and Dental Associations (ICMDA) on the topic of “Faith Flags, Faith Stories, and Faith Prescriptions in Clinical Care.” You can watch the webinar here.
  • June 3, Barb and I participated in our 21st annual “Walk for Life” to support the amazing ministries of Life Network. We were so delighted to be able to raise over $25,000 for this amazing ministry/
  • June 3-10, we were so blessed to have life-long friends from Louisiana, Sally Savage Foret and Carol Lambremont Smith here for a week’s visit.
  • June 7, Mike Chupp, MD, the CEO of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) taped an interview with me for a future broadcast on the topic of “Understanding the Harm of Religious Struggle in Our Patients: How to Recognize and Refer.” I’ll let you know when it airs.
  • June 16-17, we joined another couple of dear friends, Mark and Terri Yeadon, for a two-day driving tour into the grasslands and canyons of southeast Colorado. We were especially looking forward to a ranger-led tour into Picket Wire Canyonlands. Unfortunately, monsoon rains (very atypical in the high desert here) resulted in a flash flood that canceled our tour. But we did spend time at Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site (“The Castle on the Plains), the Comanche National Grassland, and hiking the Vogel Canyon Trail, all of which were all a delight.

5. Upcoming Events

  • June 30-July 6, Barb’s sister, Sue is coming into town, along with she and Barb’s two closest cousins, Pam and Robin, for an annual Independence Day visit.
  • The rest of July we’ll be home for summer rest and relaxation. I imagine we’ll be taking some day trips around this beautiful state as well as several day hikes in the mountains around our home.

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