Sunday Note – Health Professionals explore spiritual health with patients

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August 20, 2022
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August 22, 2022
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Sunday Note – Health Professionals explore spiritual health with patients

Long-time readers know that for the last three decades I’ve taught Christian healthcare professionals around the world how to provide whole-person spiritual care to their patients. I received a very gratifying note about that this week that I wanted to share with you.

The initial course that I co-wrote with my dear friend, Bill Peel, for the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA)N back in 2000, was titled, “The Saline Solution: Sharing Christ in a busy practice.” That course has been carried literally around the world by IHS Global and is called “The Saline Process.”

Later, we updated the course and titled it Grace Prescriptions. Of the course, CMDA wrote:

Grace Prescriptions is designed to teach you to share your faith with patients in ways that safeguard the important ethical principles of respect, sensitivity, and permission. Originally taught in CMDA’s popular Saline Solution course, these concepts are proven to be effective as thousands of lives have been transformed. Grace Prescriptions builds on this legacy. Co-written and taught by co-authors Walt Larimore, MD, and William C. Peel, DMin, we encourage you utilize this resource to learn how God can use you to dispense Grace Prescriptions.

Then, Bill and I wrote a book in 2014 for Christians in secular workplaces on how they could bring their faith to work with them. The book was titled, Workplace Grace: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work.

Now, under the direction of my friend, Bill Griffith, DDS, who attended my and Dr. Peel’s very FIRST Saline Solution Seminar in Asheville, NC, CMDA is developing and releasing, “Faith Prescriptions: Your faith in practice.” CMDA says, “Introducing a new video-based teaching program from CMDA to equip healthcare professionals to share the love of Christ with their patients and colleagues.”

Now, I told you all that, to tell you this wonderful bit of news I received this week. Faith Prescriptions released this week their 16th video: “Good News Academically Speaking” featuring Dr. Jonathan Tsai. Of the video, CMDA writes:

The academic environment can sometimes be a hostile place for people of faith. A big part of the problem results from those who have a truncated view of the nature of truth, thinking it can only arise from empirical reasoning. In this episode, Dr. Jonathan Tsai speaks about what we can know empirically and what we can only know by faith. This distinction is not a problem for the Christian, who recognizes that all truth comes from God. Ultimately, empirically-based truth and rationality are tools to be used for the glory of God, not excuses to deny His existence or supremacy.

When I wrote Dr. Grfiffin to congratulate him on the newest release, “Griff” wrote this:

Thank you, Walt – not sure if you know Jonathan Tsai, but you would enjoy him.

About a year ago I found my roster of the attendees for the very FIRST Saline Solution seminar in Asheville, and the name Jonathan Tsai came.

I checked with him, and sure enough, he attended as a 3rd year medical student. And now he’s leading others.

One of his best lines is, “It’s OK to use empirical evidence to support your faith, just don’t let it supplant your faith.”

This news was such a blessing to me. It reminded me of 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

Thanks “Griff,” Dr. Tsai, and CMDA for the many rich, rich blessings.

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