Want to write a book? Then the on-line “Ultimate Writer’s Conference” I’m hosting may be for you!

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October 29, 2021
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October 31, 2021
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Want to write a book? Then the on-line “Ultimate Writer’s Conference” I’m hosting may be for you!

I’ve heard that something like 80 percent of people want to write a book. Does that sound like you or someone you love? Perhaps you’ve got a great idea for a novel. Maybe it’s a Bible devotional God has placed on your heart. Whatever your writing dream, I’ve been selected to MC one of the most amazing writer’s conferences to come along in a while.

You may know that this fall I’m launching a TV show, “The Inside Story: Conversations on the art and heart of writing.

Liftable TV has selected me to MC an event designed to help your writing dreams a reality. It’s an incredible live stream event on March 12, 2022, called “The Ultimate Writers’ Conference.” This conference, which you can attend from your own home, will equip you with everything you need to write a book.

30sec Conference Promo

You’ll interact with big wigs like Jerry Jenkins, Lee Strobel, and Steve Arterburn, along with little ole me, and get encouragement, practical tools, and answers to all of your publishing questions.

The authors at this event have more than 300 million books in print between them. And they want to help you achieve your goals! I mean, chances like this don’t come along very often. You can register today at liftable.tv/uwc for early bird pricing. That’s liftable.tv/uwc. Plus, if you enter the PROMO CODE “story” you’ll get an additional $20 off.


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