The Blessing of Anastasha Kalil – Part 17 – Birth Day This Week

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October 25, 2010
The Blessing of Anastasha Kalil – Part 18 – Birth Day Tomorrow
October 25, 2010
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The Blessing of Anastasha Kalil – Part 17 – Birth Day This Week

We have all been following the journey of Anastasha Kalil. Now it appears her life may be very near its end.

For the last four months, we have all been blessed by family physician, Craig DeLisi, who has shared the journey of he and his family as they prepare for the birth and death of their 9th child, Anastasha Kalil. This week the DeLisi family will, more than ever, need our prayers.

Loved ones.

We are near the end of Tonya’s pregnancy, very grateful that we have had as much time as we have been given.  If Anastasha does not come on her own (and she might – Tonya has been contracting harder the last 2 days), then we will induce labor this coming Tuesday, Oct 26th.  Not only will that date mark the longest Tonya has carried any of our other children in the womb, but it is also Tonya’s birthday.  She has said from the beginning that she would be incredibly honored to share that day with her daughter if the Lord would allow.

We trust our great God and Father wholeheartedly as we move forward.  We are honored that he called us to be Anastasha’s parents.  We find rest in the fact that He is Good no matter what may come.  If the Lord chooses for her to return to Him, then we will be celebrating God’s goodness with a memorial service next Saturday, Oct 30th at the First Baptist Church here in Pittsburg at 11 AM.

There is not much I haven’t said already.  If you can believe it, I think I am out of words.  But I do want to thank each of you who have journeyed with us, from both near and far.  Please pray for us in the coming days, especially on Tuesday.

Tonya wanted me to leave you all with Mary’s words from the Gospel of Luke when she was told she was going to bear Jesus as her son.  We echo her sentiment.

And Mary said: 
 “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” (Luke 1:46-47)

With all our love,

Craig and Tonya for the whole darn big crew.

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