Catholic Bishops Opposr Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Catholic Bishops Opposr Embryonic Stem Cell Research

LifeNews is reporting that the nation’s Catholic bishops followed through on their desire to put forward an initial statement opposing embryonic stem cell research. They voted almost unanimously — 191 to 1 — to approve the statement at their annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.
As with abortion, the statement makes it clear to Catholics and non-Catholics alike that embryonic stem cell research is immoral.
My Take?

Readers of this blog know well of my long standing opposition to embryonic stem cell research.
This research is immoral because it destroys human life and treats human beings as commodities.
The Bishops say, “Harvesting these ‘embryonic stem cells’ involves the deliberate killing of innocent human beings, a gravely immoral act.” They go on to say, “Yet some try to justify it by appealing to a hoped-for future benefit to others.”
The Bishops go on to insist, “As believers who recognize each human life as the gift of an infinitely loving God, we insist that every human being, however small or seemingly insignificant, matters to God.”
After the vote, Archbishop Joseph Naumann from Kansas City said he hoped both voters and candidates would keep the statement in mind.

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