1% Animal, 100% Wrong

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April 4, 2008
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April 7, 2008
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1% Animal, 100% Wrong

This, from the Family Research Council:
In the midst of a vicious debate over a U.K. bill that would legalize inter-species embryo experimentation, Newcastle University scientists are flaunting their creation of an animal-human hybrid.
Although Parliament has not voted to authorize such research, scientists were granted a special “license” to proceed with research that is ethically monstrous and almost universally opposed.
The embryos, which combine human DNA with cow eggs, were the first of their kind in Britain, which is now governed by a Prime Minister fully supportive of their work. While PM Gordon Brown may justify this biological bestiality with the promise of new cures, the reality is that these chimeras are neither an ethical nor effective means for treating patients.
Respected biologist Dr. David King says, “There is abundant evidence that even if stem cells are obtained [from hybrid embryos], they will be so abnormal as to be useless.”
For the 67 percent of Britons who oppose the research, their misgivings run far deeper than the cells’ utility and reach the very core of human dignity. Out of respect for the legislative process and the citizens of Great Britain, the government at the very least should have allowed for a thorough and transparent public debate before authorizing scientists to proceed.
We can only hope this discovery fuels the hostility to such research in the U.K. and in the U.S., where leaders have also not succeeded in banning it.

Scottish cardinal attacks “hype-filled” hybrid embryo research


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    This is bizzare!

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