June 10, 1944 — Rome is liberated (part 8) The Roman holiday ends and back to war

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June 10, 1944 — Rome is liberated (part 8) The Roman holiday ends and back to war

Unfortunately, the Dogface Soldiers didn’t have much time for wine, women, and song. The stay in Rome was far shorter that desired or needed. But the war called.

On June 10, the 3rd Division received orders that it was to move to the coast near Lido di Ostia, twenty miles southwest of Rome.[1]


The division was sent back to the 35-mile hikes with five-mile “Truscott Trots” spaced in between. Soon we were at our peak and ready to go. The anti-tank platoon had three .50 caliber machine guns, three 60mm mortars, three 57mm anti-tank guns, nine bazookas, and each man’s personal weapons. I felt real good about having all this firepower for I new we could stand off one hell of an attack.

Probably two thirds of the men had seen much of the combat at Anzio and been through a lot of action before that. Nobody could teach them anymore about the art of war. Of these men that had been through a lot of combat most were sergeants and leaders. War was old to them and they are the masters of it and have become the senior partners in this institution of death.

We had the most experienced upper level officers. Many new lieutenants were brought in but there were many sergeants old in experience to guide them. I went to numerous meetings run by experienced sergeants and lieutenants who told us some of the tricks of the trade. I will never forget the professionalism displayed by these people instructing at these meetings. They were the best and it made me feel good to be a part of this team. I know many of these men received battlefield commissions when we got to France. [2]

[1] Champagne, 117.

[2] Staff Sergeant Charles O. Beardslee. Dogface Soldiers Memoirs. The Hell Hole at Anzio.

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  1. David Worley says:

    Walter you have done such a great job with this writing and story of a great man and true hero. Keep it up.

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