May 28, 1944 — Fierce fighting on the road to Rome

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May 28, 1944 — Fierce fighting on the road to Rome

On May 28, 1944, the regiment received 525 enlisted replacements and twelve new officers, each battalion getting 150 to 200 new men.[1]

Phil’s 3rd Battalion , 30th Infantry, received orders to attack toward Lariano and to go as far as the ridge 500 yards east of the Velletri-Artena railroad and set up a defense.

Patrols had already reported that no enemy was short of the objective, and when the battalion reached the ridge without opposition, the commanding officer, Major Nedderson, obtained permission to move forward to the railroad track and organize a defense there. This was done without incident. … Company L established a platoon outpost just south of Lariano.[2]


The attack that began the afternoon of the twenty-eighth encountered heavy resistance. After a five-hour battle the attackers had captured the railway but could advance no farther along the road to Valmontone. … German reinforcements continued to arrive.[3]


The 3rd Division received badly-needed replacements during the night of May 28-29, each battalion getting from 150 to 200 new men. These men were needed to replace the losses suffered by all the battalions at Cisterna.[4]


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