May 9, 1944 — Phil writes his mom from Anzio about his first possible promotion

May 8, 1944 — Phil and his men don’t know it but the war in Europe will end one year from today
May 8, 2024
May 10, 1944 — Continued preparation for a giant all-out attack to smash out of Anzio
May 10, 2024
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May 9, 1944 — Phil writes his mom from Anzio about his first possible promotion

Phil wrote his mom from Anzio about his first possible promotion. Was he counting his chickens before they hatched?

Lt. P.B. Larimore[1]

Hq Co 3rd BN. 30th Inf A.P.O. #3

c/o Postmaster NY N.Y.

Dearest Mother & Dad

At last I got a chance to write you.

I haven’t written any one during the last 9 days. I’m sorry but I just haven’t been able to get any time off.

I am barely am getting 5 hours of sleep per night. But I am the cause of it. I don’t have to work so hard if I don’t want to, that is if I don’t want to do a very good job at my work. Maybe some day I will get my silver bar [1st Lieutenant]. It sure would be nice to have them. On second thought, will you send me a couple pair of silver bars? By the time you send them I think I will be needing them.

I got a very nice letter from Grand mother. Also a card. Mrs. Golightly sent me a very nice letter that I must answer.

I’m still in good shape, a little tired but much more worldly wise.

Also am getting very good at stealing any thing that I need in the way of supplies. That’s the fastest way to get it.

Will write soon.

With love,


[1] Handwritten letter. Post marked “U.S. Army Postal Service. No. 3. 21 May 44.”

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