“At First Light” celebrates 2nd anniversary with a string of strong reviews

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April 21, 2024
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April 22, 2024
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“At First Light” celebrates 2nd anniversary with a string of strong reviews

At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse was released two years ago, on April 19, 2022. It has just recently been released in a soft cover edition. Below are some of the best single line reviews the best review the book has received.


“A riveting story that rivals Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken.” —ARMY Magazine

“Like a movie plot … stranger-than-fiction.” —U.S. News & World Report

“A masterful retelling of a heroic life … finely written and well-researched … a beautifully told story.” —Epoch Times

 “Like a melody building to a crescendo … gains power as it proceeds to a moving conclusion.” HistoryNet.com

 “An impressive and memorable story of genuine courage, daring, and heroism.” —Midwest Book Review

 “Never before has a book moved me to tears out of pride.” Military Writers Society of America

 “Quite moving … I can’t describe the conclusion to friends without tearing up.” Karen Jensen, Editor, World War II magazine

“As much a historical document as it is a coming-of-age story.” —InRegister Magazine

 “Incredibly special and heartwarming.” Baton Rouge Advocate

“Vivid detail … spellbinding and riveting … an inspirational story … an engrossing book.” Gotta Love It Book Reviews

“The story of the largely forgotten southern European front of WWII.”  Colorado Springs Gazette

 “Incredible story of courage and sacrifice.” —Today’s Christian Living Magazine

“Unbelievable stories.” Faith Radio Network


The book has received better reviews and won more awards than any book I’ve written, including :

  • The Non-fiction “Book of the Year,” The Golden Author Award, and the “Book of the Year” in the Genre “True Stories, by the International Page Turner Awards (London);

  • A 2022 Silver Medalist for “Book of the Year” by the Military Writers Society of America;”

  • Was a 2023 featured book by The National WWII Museum in New Orleans; and
  • Was a “Featured Book” at the Louisiana Book Festival in October 2023.

I’m delighted that the book has received over 500 5-star ratings on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target. If you’d like to leave a star rating at these sites, send me an email and I’ll send you the links and some posting tips. Thanks for considering this!

Also, as a result of the book,

  1. On August 1, 2023, the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division inducted Dad (posthumously) into their Marne Hall of Fame at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Dad was inducted along with General Marshall, General Eisenhower, General Ridgeway, and his two commanders, General O’Daniel, and General McGarr. What a wonderful honor. My brothers and I were able to attend together along with our spouses and kids.
  2. In addition, General David Petraeus has nominated Dad to the Army’s Officer Candidate School (OCS) Hall of Fame at Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning), Georgia. That induction is in early May, 2025, should Dad be chosen.
  3. Finally, the LSU Military Museum in the LSU Memorial Tower opened an exhibit honoring Dad in October 2023. It will be there for at least a year and the museum entrance is free. You might enjoy going there to see it. Be sure to ask for the museum director, James Gregory, if you go. He’d love to hear any “Dad” stories you’d want to share with him.

Last, but not least, at my website, www.drwalt.com, I started a new blog series on January 1, 2023: “Where Was Phil Larimore 80 Years Ago Today.” If you subscribe to the blog (it’s free), you can follow more details and history about his WWII exploits that were in the book. I’ll also be putting in all of the letters he wrote home from January 1944 through at least the end of 1945.

Stay tuned for my blog tomorrow. I’ll be sharing the very best review ever for the book.

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