April 13, 1944 — Allies on beachhead stronger than ever; new drive is near

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April 12, 2024
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April 13, 1944 — Allies on beachhead stronger than ever; new drive is near

War Corespondent, Robert Vermillion, wrote, “Allied positions on the Anzio beachhead are stronger than ever 84 days after its founding, and the Germans, now completely on the defensive, have not the faintest chance to drive us back into the sea.”[1]

Vermillion continued:

Although the establishment of the beachhead failed to gain its initial objectives—the capture of Rome and entrapment of large German forces to the south—it has far exceeded its expectations.

The primary objective of the entire Italian campaign is to divert German strength from the Eastern front in the impending battle theater of the West. The beachhead has tied up many more enemy divisions then it was expected to, forcing the Germans to draw large numbers of men from the Balkans and France.

As a co-ordinated military operation buy British and American ground forces with support from artillery, the air and sea, the beach ad campaign is expected to go down and military books as a classic for staff school studies all over the world.

The Allies broke the back of the German attacking power back in midFebruary when a swiftly organized American counterattack ended a truly serious threat to the beachhead’s existence.

Only once since then have the Germans attempted an attack, on Feb. 29 between Carroceto and Cisterna when the enemy sent out small assault forces which were slaughtered by American artillerymen, riflemen and machinegunners.

The allies now have superiority in every department—artillery, air support and troops who are itching for a fight—the highest possible testimonial of their morale.

In the last 30 days, our situation on the beachhead has undergone a transformation from a bitter holding battle two bustling preparations for the attack.

Patrols are sent out at night for the sole purpose of giving them combat experience in testing the leadership and initiative of younger officers.

[1] Robert Vermillion. Anzio Beachhead. United Press War Correspondent. News Clipping.

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