NEWS: My New Devotional: “What the Bible Says About …”

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NEWS: My New Devotional: “What the Bible Says About …”

Many of you may remember when I was posting my “Morning Glory, Evening Grace” twice-a-day Biblical devotion in the remote past. For a number of years I’ve been re-working this to cover a wide variety of topics of interest to most Christians. 365 of the once-a-day devotions have been released by the YouVersion App as “What the Bible Says About …“.

After YouVersion released this new Bible Reading Plan over 2,000 people signed up for it in the first two weeks — which makes me very thankful.

YouVersion writes:

Created by Dr. Walt Larimore, “What the Bible Says About…” is a daily devotional made up of only biblical verses related to a variety of topics to inspire and encourage every Christ follower for an entire year. We would like to thank Walt Larimore for providing this plan.

To find it on the YouVersion app:

  • Download the YouVersion app and register (it’s free)
  • Click on the “Discover” or search icon
  • Type in “Larimore” or “What the Bible Says About”
  • Click on the plan “What the Bible Says About”
  • Click on “Start Plan”
  • The devotional is set up for you to either read and/or listen to based on your preference.
  • Be blessed and share with others!

 You can also take a look at it in your browser here.

Here are the topics from Week One of the Devotion: What the Bible has to say about:

  1. Introduction
  2. The power of words for harm
  3. The power of words for good
  4. Listen before you speak
  5. Listen before you respond
  6. Think before you speak 
  7. Edify when you speak

Many thanks to WebMaster, Steve Raquel, President and Founder of IOV Media, for shepherding this devotional. I could not have done it without him. If you have any web site needs, contact Steve. I highly recommend him.

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