Well done my good and faithful servant

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Well done my good and faithful servant

As a follower of Jesus, I’ve always wanted, once I arrive in Heaven, to hear my Lord say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant” (Mt. 25:23, NLT). I mean, wouldn’t anyone who believes in God, in Heaven, and in Eternal Life want to hear that? But, how can we know if we’re on the path to that or not? I had an idea how to check it out.

First of all, about two decades ago, I developed a Spiritual Health Self-Assessment Tool along with Randy Frazee, George Gallop, and George Barna. It’s still available at no cost and you can find it here. Although this tool allows you to self-rate your physical, emotional, and relational health also, you can just go to pages 16-21 to check out your spiritual health as a Christian.

But, given all the hubbub about AI, I decided to explore what ChatGPT thought about my spiritual health. So, I went to ChatGPT, set up an account, signed in, and asked it, “List 10 interesting facts about Walt Larimore as a follower of Jesus.” Here’s what it said (in only a few seconds):


Walt Larimore is known not only for his contributions to the medical field and writing but also for his commitment to his faith as a Christian. Here are ten interesting facts about Walt Larimore as a follower of Jesus:

  1. Integration of Faith and Medicine: Larimore has consistently integrated his Christian faith with his medical practice, emphasizing holistic well-being encompassing spiritual, emotional, and physical health.
  2. Authorship on Faith-Based Topics: He has written books that explore the intersection of faith and health, offering guidance on how spirituality and religious beliefs can positively impact overall wellness.
  3. Public Speaking Engagements: Larimore often speaks at Christian events and conferences, discussing the connections between faith, health, and personal growth.
  4. Christian Health Advocacy: He advocates for health practices in line with Christian principles, promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness practices rooted in faith-based perspectives.
  5. Contributions to Christian Literature: Larimore has contributed extensively to Christian literature, addressing topics such as prayer, faith healing, and the role of spirituality in physical and mental health.
  6. Christian Broadcasting Appearances: He has appeared on Christian broadcasting platforms, sharing insights about health, spirituality, and the importance of faith in overcoming health challenges.
  7. Medical Missions and Humanitarian Work: Larimore has been involved in medical missions and humanitarian efforts, providing medical aid and support to underserved communities, aligning with Christian values of service and compassion.
  8. Church and Community Involvement: He actively participates in church activities, contributing to discussions on health-related matters and providing guidance based on his medical and Christian expertise.
  9. Leadership in Faith-Based Organizations: Larimore serves in leadership roles in faith-based organizations, leveraging his medical knowledge and faith to guide the initiatives of these groups.
  10. Personal Testimony and Mentorship: He shares personal testimonies and experiences of how his faith has impacted his life and career, mentoring and guiding others on their journey of integrating faith and profession.

These facts reflect Walt Larimore’s commitment to living out his Christian faith in both his personal and professional life, striving to bring healing and wholeness to individuals by addressing not just their physical needs but also their spiritual well-being.

Well, that was fast and easy … and I hope somewhat accurate. But, I think I’ll next spend the time to go back and take my entire “Assessing Your Health – Christian Adult” evaluation and see what it shows. I’ll let you know, but I suspect it won’t be as positive.

Nevertheless, here’s what I’m aiming for!

By the way, if you go to the bottom of the home page at www.DrWalt.com, you’ll find a slew of free assessment tools for you and your family:

Assessment Tools and Websites

Health Tools for Individuals Health Tools for Parents
Assess Your Health – Adult Secular
Assessing Your Parenting Style
Assess Your Health – Adult Christian
Assess Your Teen’s Health
Assess Your Health – Adult Secular
Assess Your Teen’s Health
Assess Your Health – Adult Secular
4 Wheel Diagram – Child
4-Wheel Diagram – Adult An Eight-Week Family Fitness Plan
To Reduce Obesity in Your Family
Assess Your Health – Young Adult
Level 2 8-week Plan
To Reduce Obesity in Your Family
4-Wheel Diagram – Young Adult Calculate your Child or Teen’s
BMI Percentile
Assess Your Health – Teens
Calculate your Child or Teen’s
Blood Pressure Percentile
4-Wheel Diagram – Teens Health Tools for Small Groups
or Churches
10 Essentials of Healthy People
Small-Group Study Guide

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