I’ve been selected a a Featured Author for this Fall’s Louisiana Book Festival

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I’ve been selected a a Featured Author for this Fall’s Louisiana Book Festival

SAVE THE DATE: I’m over-the-moon excited to let you know that I’ve been invited to be a “Featured Author” at the 2023 Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge this fall. If you live in the area, I’d sure love to see you there.

The nineteenth annual Louisiana Book Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2023. The Festival will be featuring my 2022 book, At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse.


Information on the Louisiana Book Festival is available online HERE. Here’s what they say about the event:

The daylong celebration featured an exceptional lineup of poets and writers of fiction and nonfiction discussing their books in the Louisiana State Capitol, and other settings such as the State Library of Louisiana and the Capitol Park Museum.

Inclement weather kept our attendance in 2022 lower than anticipated but an estimated 14,208 book lovers braved the weather and made our return a success for both authors and attendees alike.

Cavalier House Books reported sales of roughly $35,600 – not at all bad for a seven-hour period on a rainy day. Information on the 2022 Louisiana Book Festival is still available online at www.LouisianaBookFestival.org.

I’ll either be sitting on a panel, or perhaps giving a short talk, about your book. I’ll also be scheduled to sign copies of my book following the program.

I’d love to meet and greet all my friends and fans who live in the Baton Rouge area.

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