Monthly Family Update – May 2023

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April 28, 2023
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Monthly Family Update – May 2023

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. New Blog Launch was Successful
  2. “Ask Dr. Walt” Q&As in Today’s Christian Living
  3. “Vaccine News You Can Use” (for Family Physicians)
  4. Recent PR and reviews for At First Light

1) New Blog Launch was Successful on March 27 at

Many of you are getting our monthly family newsletter for the first time as a result of receiving notice about this blog. This blog will have features for:

  • Those who want to be more highly healthy physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually;
  • Those who love to read, want to learn more about their favorite authors, and/or want to write a book one day; and
  • Those who want to keep up with me, my family, my adventures, and my writing.

Please let friends and family know that they can subscribe for free to the new blog at Let them know this is what they can expect each week:

  1. Mondays: “Ask Dr. Walt,” the perfect blog for those wanting to be more “highly healthy.” Initially, we’ll be running videos that were broadcast on Liftable TV last year. Here’s what’s coming up this month:
  1. Wednesdays: Personal Updates. I’ll be posting miscellaneous columns, articles, or presentations I’ve given, along with writing updates that might be of interest to readers.
  2. Fridays: “The Inside Story,” the perfect blog for readers, writers, or those wanting to write a book. I’ll be running a series of videos that were broadcast on Liftable TV last year in which I interview well-known and best-selling Christian authors and agents. Here are the upcoming episodes:
    • Mega-best-selling author (over 70 million books sold), Jerry B. Jenkins, and his super-agent, Alex Field
    • Part One of my interview of the super-mega-best-selling author (over 200 million books sold and 7 books converted to Hallmark Hall of Fame movies), Debbie Macomber. We’ll explore Debbie’s background, how she got into writing, and how she actually got her first book published.
    • In Part Two of my interview with Debbie Macomber, where you’ll learn some of her writing tips and tricks – how and when she writes, where she gets her ideas, etc.

Web maestro, Steve Raquel, and I have been working overtime to get these features ready for you. We pray you enjoy and are enriched by them. And, if so, we hope you’ll recommend the blog to your friends, family, and those in your faith community.

2) “Ask Dr. Walt” column in this month’s Today’s Christian Living

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine in my “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here is my Q&A from the May 2023 issue. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription:

3) Vaccine News You Can Use

I’ve been honored to write a quarterly column, “Vaccine News You Can Use” for the Colorado Family Physician for a number of years. If you’d like to see any of the stories below, click here:

  • Vaccine Awareness: Family Medicine Resources
  • School and childcare immunizations requirements for the 2022-2023 school year
  • ACIP recommends COVID-19 vaccines be added to 2023 child and adult vaccine schedules
  • ACIP recommendations for new pneumococcal vax in previously immunized adults
  • Pfizer to seek FDA approval for maternal RSV vaccine
  • We FPs can do a better job implementing universal Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Parental concern about childhood vaccine safety increased during COVID pandemic
  • Vaccinations dramatically reduce HPV prevalence in young women
  • Annual flu shots tied to a lower ischemic stroke risk
  • Do text message reminders promote receipt of second flu vaccine dose in kids?
  • Experts worry about public reaction to vaccine study

4) Latest Reviews for At First Light

I’m so grateful that my WWII book continues to receive such nice reviews from readers. Here’s the latest:

I’m delighted that the book has received ~94% (423 of 4448 reviews) 5-star ratings on sites such as Amazon (180 ratings [169 are 5-star]), GoodReads (106 ratings [95 are 5-star]), Barnes & Noble (69 [68 5-star]), Walmart (51 ratings [49 are 5-star]), and Target (42 ratings [all 5-star]).

I’m delighted that the book has received ~94% (423 of 448 reviews) 5-star ratings on:

If you’ve read the book and have not yet submitted a rating on at least the top three sites above, please do. It would be a great favor to me and to others considering the book.

5) Last Month’s Happenings

  • Easter Message

    April 1, I had the privilege to address an International Easter Celebration that was telecast around the world. I talked about the purpose of Easter, the purpose of our Christian faith, and the evidence of the resurrection of Jesus. I had the marvelous opportunity to provide an invitation for people who are ready to become followers of Jesus. You can view a video version of the sermon .

  • April 7-9, Barb and I quite enjoyed the rest and refocusing we were able to do over the Easter weekend celebration. Our church worships were fabulous.
  • April 9, Barb and I led the First Annual Easter Sunrise Service in our neighborhood. About 20 folks joined us for this intimate and wonderful celebration together.
  • April 13-17, Barb and I drove to New Mexico and spent a delightful few days of R&R in Santa Fe and Taos.
  • Of course, we continue our ReEngage Marriage Ministry at Academy Christian Church.

6) Upcoming Events

  • May 3, we’ll celebrate the finale of 4 months of the marriage intensive we direct at our church. Five leader couples, our teaching pastor, our administrative pastor, and 15 graduating couples will have a recommitment ceremony and then a reception. We’re looking forward to a joyous occasion.
  • May 8, we fly to Atlanta to be with the Decatur Larimores
  • May 9, we drive to Charleston, SC, to spend two days with friends.
  • May 12, we drive to Beaufort, SC, to spend two days with friends.
  • May 15, we drive to Savanah, GA, to spend two days with friends.
  • May 17, we drive back to Atlanta to finish this trip with Scott, Jen, and the Grands.
  • May 19, I fly home and Barb flies to Baton Rouge.
  • May 19-31, Barb will be in Baton Rouge caring for her sister as she recovers from surgery.

7) Past Three Editions

March 2023

  • New Blog Launched March 27
  • “Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living
  • At First Light to be a featured book at the Louisiana Book Festival in October
  • Recent PR and reviews for At First Light
  • “Living a Balanced Life” Podcast
  • Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

February 2023

  • At First Light honored at the National WWII Museum
  • The Best Book Review Ever
  • 12 Steps to Spiritual Training and Nutrition — “Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living
  • Vaccine News You Can Use” from Colorado Family Physician
  • Recent PR for At First Light interviews or reviews

January 2023

  • Annual Update
  • At First Light to be honored at the National WWII Museum
  • At First Light featured on the Stephen Ambrose History Happy Hour
  • At First Light nominated or submitted for nine book awards
  • Readers continue to dish out love for At First Light
  • Recent At First Light interviews or reviews


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