Spiritual Assessment (or Spiritual History) in Clinical Care

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June 4, 2022
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June 6, 2022
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Spiritual Assessment (or Spiritual History) in Clinical Care

Last February (it was 2022, and not 2021 as I have on the slide), I was asked to present a keynote address at the Faith and Medicine Conference held just north of Atlanta on the topic of healthcare professionals using a spiritual assessment or spiritual history with their patients — the “why’s” and the “how’s.” The organizers have just sent me the URL that will allow you to watch the ~one-hour presentation.I talk about subjects such as:

  • Evidence-based reasons for a spiritual assessment
  • Basic spiritual assessment
  • Advanced spiritual assessment
  • Religious struggles impact on outcomes
  • Word of caution
  • How to get healthcare missionary training.

Additional resources:

  • Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Care. Part 1 – The Basics. Today’s Christian Doctor. 2015:46(1):22-26. tinyurl.com/2p9x36sb
  • Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Care. Part 2 – The LORD’s LAP (to find religious struggle). Today’s Christian Doctor. 2015:46(3):26-29. tinyurl.com/y89zn5uf.
  • Faith Prescriptions – Healthcare Missionary Training. https://faithrx.cmda.org.
  • Grace Prescriptions – Healthcare Missionary Training. https://cmda.org/GraceRX.

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