FREE E-BOOK: This week only!

An expose on teen sex and dating: What’s really going on and how to talk about It
May 15, 2011
Men and women truly see things differently
May 16, 2011
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FREE E-BOOK: This week only!

In a blog yesterday, I told you about a book being released today, “An expose on teen sex and dating: What’s really going on and how to talk about IT.” I just received a note from the author, my dear friend, Andy Braner, asking me to let you know you can download the E-book for FREE, THIS WEEK ONLY!
Here are the details from Andy:
Thank you guys so much for all the help today. Your Tweets, Blogs, Facebook Posts, are working. We’re getting the information out quickly, and it’s awesome.
I just got a report from a pastor who finished the book, “It’s exactly what our kids need to hear.”
A parent commented, “Thanks for helping me talk to my kid about dating and what’s going on.”  Even a teenager who read it said, ‘thanks for clear communication with my parents.”
It’s a must have read. …
If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can go to Amazon today and get if FREE for the KINDLE by clicking here.
Or you can go to Barnes and Noble and get it FREE for the NOOK by clicking here.
Feel free to pass it along to your friends, your congregations, or whoever is working with teens in your sphere of influence.  My hope is we can create  national conversation about dating with teenagers, parents, and pastors so we can help our kids from being torn by the world.
Pass it on.   Tweet, Facebook, E-mail your lists.  Free TODAY!
Andy Braner
President Camp Kivu

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