Anastasha’s Birth and Death – Wonderful Videos

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Anastasha’s Birth and Death – Wonderful Videos

Anastasha Kalil DeLisi, the daughter of Craig and Tonya DeLisi, was born with and died from anencephaly on her and her mother’s birthday: October 26, 2010. She is now living with Jesus and is perfect in every way.
The DeLisi family wanted all of us who have followed their story and been praying for the family to have access to these remembrances. Although all of these resources are remarkable, if you only have time to view one, view the first one, “Anastasha’s Birth and Life.” It’s remarkable — although I also love the “Preparation for Birth and Death” one:

“It is an awesome feeling to walk through the valley of my greatest fear and come through realizing that Jesus is enough.” Craig DeLisi, MD
In lieu of flowers or gifts, the family has requested contributions to Harvesters Reaching the Nations, a nonprofit ministry that serves orphans in Sudan. You can learn more about them here. This is a wonderful work of the Lord that the DeLisi family is blessed to be a part of. Click here to watch an endorsement by Franklin Graham. To donate to this ministry in Anastasha’s honor, you can go here and put Anastasha’s name at the bottom where it says “in honor of”. The money you give will be used not just to bless the DeLisi family, but to advance God’s kingdom in Sudan by caring for and blessing some very precious children, whom the DeLisi family loves.

Here’s the entire series of amazing stories:


  1. Sheryl Oder says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos. They say much more than words in expressing the value of this little one.

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