Anastasha’s In Heaven

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October 27, 2010
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Anastasha’s In Heaven

For all of us who have been praying diligently for Anastasha and her family, many of our prayers were answered on her and her mother’s birthday, October 26, 2010. And now, there’s one more angel in heaven! Here’s the post from my friend and Anastasha’s daddy, family physician Craig DeLisi, MD:

Our sweet princess was born yesterday at 12:39 PM. I pronounced her earthly death (and heavenly birth) at 1:29 PM.  Her passing was very peaceful.

It was the best labor Tonya has ever had. We saw the Lord answer specific prayer after prayer after prayer. It was remarkable. Tonya said Anastasha was the best birthday present she could have hoped for.

Tonya, the kids and I spent several hours with Anastasha after her death. Yesterday was one of the most profoundly painful and profoundly peaceful days we’ve ever had.

Tonya and I are home. She is recuperating well. She was able to labor completely naturally, which was a blessing and always seems to allow her get better more quickly.

Anastasha’s funeral will be this coming Saturday, Oct 30st at 11 AM at First Baptist Church in Pittsburg, TX. We invite ANY and ALL who would like to come to attend. We would be honored to have anyone who reads this to come celebrate with us.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, we would be blessed if you would consider making a contribution to Harvesters Reaching the Nations, a nonprofit ministry that serves orphans in Sudan. You can learn more about them here. This is a wonderful work of the Lord that our family is blessed to be a part of. Click here to watch an endorsement by Franklin Graham. To donate to this ministry in Anastasha’s honor, you can go here and put Anastasha’s name at the bottom where it says “in honor of”. The money you give will be used not just to bless us, but to advance God’s kingdom in Sudan by caring for and blessing some very precious children, whom we love.

We love you and thank you for praying for us.  More details and pictures to follow in the days ahead.


Here’s the entire series of amazing stories:


  1. Sheryl Oder says:

    I have not followed this much, but it is good the parents chose to let God direct this little life Himself.
    It seems strange to hear Christians refer to “another angel” in heaven. Jesus did not die for angels. He died for humans. The only reference He made to being like the angels had to do with the fact that there is no marriage in Heaven and in that way people will be “like the angels.” (Mark 12:25)

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