Mothers with kids at home needed to fill out brief survey by Father’s Day

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June 18, 2010
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June 21, 2010
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Mothers with kids at home needed to fill out brief survey by Father’s Day

The headlines at MSNBC are no different that those carried by most news media this last month: “Children of lesbian parents do well.” These headlines are based on a study published in the journal Pediatrics. You can see a critique of the study here and a negative commentary on the study here.
But, you may be wondering, “What can I do to counter the latest attack of political correctness?” How can I  respond to the recent Lesbians-Make-the-Best-Parents claims?
The Ruth Institute has a great idea — a way YOU can fight back against the absurd bias of academia and the media. First, let me the Ruth Institute make a long story short:

The study that made the headlines in Fox News and MSNBC is small sample of politically interested, statistically unrepresentative, self-identified lesbian mothers reporting on the behavior of their children.

The researchers found these mothers via announcements at lesbian events, women’s bookstores and lesbian newspapers in Boston, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, hardly a scientifically representative sample.

And would you be impressed by a report that says, “My precious little darling is doing fine in school,” without ever asking the teacher, or checking the child’s grades?

That’s the basis for this survey’s claim that the children of lesbians do better in school than the children of the general population.

And did I mention the sample size? The study surveys 77 mothers of 78 children. You read that correctly: the latest spasm of political correctness was based on 78 children.

Naturally, the survey concludes that the children of lesbian mothers do better than everyone else, and that men are completely unnecessary.

Naturally, the Main Stream Media breathlessly reported this “news” without the slightest bit of critical reflection. Why am I not surprised?

Two can play at this game. The Ruth Institute wants to find their own non-random set of politically interested mothers to report on their own children. That would be YOU and YOUR friends! They have a feeling we can find more than 77 mothers with more than 78 kids on our side. Their goal is to get 7,800 mothers’ reports by Fathers’ Day, Sunday June 20th!
Everyone can help.
Mothers with kids at home, fill out our little questionnaire. And since this survey is about children, you can fill it out for as many minor children as you have at home. Please forward this survey to your friends.
If you aren’t a mom, if your kids have left home, if you’re a guy, forward this message to every mother with children in the home in your address book! We can find plenty of people who appreciate the contributions of fathers to the family!
Help us fight back against the illogic of political correctness! Just in time for Fathers’ Day!
Take the survey on the impact of fathers on children’s behavior.
Please, only mothers fill out this survey for each minor child living in your home.
Then forward the link to all the moms you know!


  1. Amanda Geidl says:

    How do they measure the difference when a child grows up without his father in a single-mother home?

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