Christian Medical Association Statement on Homosexuality

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May 13, 2009
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May 15, 2009
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Christian Medical Association Statement on Homosexuality

The Christian Medical Association is the nation’s largest organization of faith-based doctors, and serves as a Christian voice on today’s most important bioethical issues. CMA responds to breaking bioethical news regarding such issues as abortion, human cloning, physician-assisted suicide, stem cell research and more. CMA has released a statement about the Biblical, Medical, and Social consequences of homosexual behavior and a homosexual lifestyle that I thought you would find thought provoking and helpful.
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Here is the CMA Statement:  
All people are loved by God. All struggle with moral failure and fall short of God’s standards; and therefore need the forgiveness that God provides through Christ alone. Homosexuality (referring to male-male and female-female sexual relationships) is but one of these struggles. While recognizing the need to reach out in love to those struggling with same sex attraction, CMA opposes the practice of homosexual acts on biblical, medical, and social grounds. 

  • The Scriptures prescribe and promise God’s blessing on life-long heterosexual union in marriage, and chastity in all other circumstances. They are uniform throughout in forbidding the practice of homosexuality.
  • Same-sex attraction cannot be consummated within God’s design for human sexuality. It is possible by God’s grace for those with same sex attraction to live a chaste life. Choosing to indulge in homosexual acts in thought or deed is sinful. The Scriptures, however, affirm the value of non-erotic same-sex friendships.
  • Any lifestyle obsessed with and/or dominated by personal sexual fulfillment, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is contrary to God’s law.
  • Homosexual acts deny the God-designed complementary nature of the sexes and do not have the potential to be procreative.


  • The causes of same-sex attraction appear to be multi-factorial and may include developmental, psychosocial, environmental, and biological factors. There is no credible evidence at this time that same-sex attraction is genetically determined.
  • Acting on homosexual attraction is voluntary. Claims of genetic or environmental determinism do not relieve individuals of moral responsibility for their sexual behavior.
  • Homosexual behavior can be changed. There is valid evidence that many individuals who desired to abstain from homosexual acts have been able to do so.
  • Some homosexual acts are physically harmful because they disregard normal human anatomy and function. These acts are associated with increased risks of tissue injury, organ malfunction, and infectious diseases. These and other factors result in a significantly shortened life expectancy.
  • Among those involved in homosexual acts, there is an increased incidence of drug and/or alcohol dependence, compulsive sexual behavior, anxiety, depression, and suicide.


  • Homosexual relationships are typically brief in duration. Homosexual behavior is destructive to the structures necessary for healthy marriages, families and society. 
  • Men who commit homosexual acts have a high incidence of promiscuity, child molestation, and sexually transmitted infections. 
  • Homosexual behaviors burden society with increased medical costs, increased disability, and loss of productivity.
  • Homosexual behavior can be self-propagating. 
  • Some homosexual groups and individuals engage in active recruitment. A child who is sexually molested has an increased likelihood of later engaging in homosexual acts. 
  • There is also an increased incidence of homosexual activity among children raised by same sex couples. Adoption into such environments puts children at risk.
  • Legalizing or blessing same sex marriage or civil unions is harmful to the stability of society, the raising of children, and the institution of marriage. 
  • If the only criterion for marriage were mutual consent or commitment, there are no grounds to prohibit polygamy, polyandry or incestuous unions.


  • The Christian community must respond to the complex issues surrounding homosexuality with grace, civility, and love.
  • Christian doctors in particular must care for their patients involved in homosexual behavior in a non-discriminating and compassionate manner, consistent with biblical principles.
  • Anyone struggling with homosexual temptation should evoke neither scorn nor enmity, but evoke our concern, compassion, help, and understanding.
  • The Christian community must condemn hatred and violence directed against those involved in the homosexual behavior.
  • The Christian community must help society understand that homosexuality has grave spiritual, emotional, physical and cultural consequences. 
  • Christians should oppose legislative attempts to grant special rights based on sexual behavior or to equate homosexual relationships with heterosexual marriages.
  • The Christian community and especially the family must resist stereotyping and rejecting individuals who do not fit the popular norms of masculinity and femininity. 
  • Also, it is important for parents to guide their children in appropriate gender identity development. For children who are experiencing gender identity confusion, we must provide appropriate role models, and therapy if needed.
  • The Christian community must encourage and strongly support all those who wish to abandon homosexual behavior.
  • The Christian community should oppose the legalization of same sex marriage and/or blessing and adoption into homosexual environments.
  • God provides the remedy for all moral failure through faith in Jesus Christ and the life changing power of the Holy Spirit.

Unanimously approved by the CMDA House of Representatives
June 11, 2003
Schroon Lake, NY
The citations for the above assertions can be found here.  

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