What’s the most proficient killing machine in the United States? It’s not the military!

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April 11, 2009
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April 13, 2009
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What’s the most proficient killing machine in the United States? It’s not the military!

The most proficient killing machine in the U.S. is the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) – and according to their new annual report PPFA is committing more abortions than ever. Not only that, they bring in over $1 billion a year – a third from our tax dollars. “For decades now, Planned Parenthood has operated the most proficient killing machine in the United States,” said Douglas R. Scott Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI) in a recent interview. “And for decades, the machine has killed more preborn children than the year before.”  
More Information:
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has released its Annual Report for 2007-2008. According to one news report, “The behemoth admits that it slaughtered 305,310 preborn human beings in 2007 alone (up nearly 5.4 percent from 2006), which generated an estimated $130 million. Only 4,912 Planned Parenthood customers were referred to adoption agencies.”  
PPFA claims to prevent the “need” for abortion while simultaneously working to increase its share of the abortion market. In 1984, it committed just over 5.5 percent of all abortions in the United States. By 2004 that figure had risen to nearly 20 percent. And Planned Parenthood’s share of the lucrative market continues to rise. 
PPFA sold more than 1.42 million “emergency” birth control kits in 2007 (nearly one percent fewer than in 2006). 
Every PPFA “clinic” dispenses “emergency” birth control. According to one report, “Most prescribe it over the phone and accept orders over the Internet, without an exam. Folks, if I did that, I could lose my license to practice medicine!
In the vast majority of cases, “emergency” birth control actually causes an abortion. Yet, Planned Parenthood wrongly and intentionally claims the drugs prevent conception by changing the definitions of terms that have been widely accepted for centuries. 
Between 2006 and 2007, PPFA testing for sexually transmitted diseases increased by more than 11.4 percent. 
Last year, after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that one in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease, PPFA unbelievably blamed abstinence education. 
“Abstinence education is Planned Parenthood’s biggest nightmare,” Scott said. “The group’s hierarchy does not seem to be able to connect the dots. The more influence Planned Parenthood has with young people, the higher the rate of sexually transmitted disease. Abstinent teens do not get such diseases; abstinent teens do not become customers of Planned Parenthood.” 
Scott said attacking abstinence education is one of Planned Parenthood’s top priorities and the group is hoping President Barack Obama will end the federal abstinence program. “Planned Parenthood leaders believe that any funds not spent on their programs are essentially wasted,” Scott said. 
PPFA’s Annual Report shows that the group generated more than $1.038 billion in Fiscal Year 2007-2008, which is an increase of nearly two percent from the previous reporting period. In Fiscal Year 2006-2007, PPFA’s budget had risen more than 11 percent over the previous fiscal year. 
PPFA’s income includes a hefty and ever-increasing check from American taxpayers. In Fiscal Year 2005-2006, government funding increased by nearly 10.8 percent over the previous reporting period. 
In Fiscal Year 2006-2007, taxpayers gave another 10.3 percent. In Fiscal Year 2007-2008, taxpayers gave nearly 3.8 percent more to Planned Parenthood, bringing the total to $349.6 million. The most recent figures show that almost 33.7 percent of PPFA’s annual revenue comes from taxpayers. 
“This ‘not-for-profit’ goliath ends every fiscal year with millions of dollars in ‘excess revenue over expenses,'” Scott said, “which is known to regular people as ‘profit.'” 
The ‘excess’ for 2003-2004 was $63 million. In 2004-2005, the excess was $55.8 million. In 2005-2006, the amount was a staggering $114.8 million. Planned Parenthood confesses to having an additional $85 million in “excess revenue” in its most recent report. 
On June 30, 2008, PPFA had net assets valued at $1.014.4 billion, of which $460.2 million was unrestricted and another $147.2 million was temporarily restricted. “This is essentially a savings account,” Scott explained. 
“The money is sitting in a bank and drawing interest that will further advance Planned Parenthood’s ungodly agenda. Despite these huge sums, the corporation’s hierarchy incessantly claims to need more and more tax dollars,” Scott said. 
“Planned Parenthood’s numbers are not nearly what its leaders would have liked to see,” Scott said. 
“The Pro-Life Movement can be proud of itself for its ongoing and successful efforts in exposing Planned Parenthood’s true agenda. The more public ‘black eyes’ Planned Parenthood receives, the harder it will be for the group to reach its goals.” 
Scott said PPFA’s greatest ally has always been public ignorance of its agenda and activities. “Most people think of Planned Parenthood as nothing more than a ‘family planning’ organization. We are showing the world that it is much more than that; and far more sinister.” 
Does any of this sound unacceptable to you? We certainly don’t have to subsidize the largest abortion provider in the United States, one with a dark history, (which Jonah Goldberg chronicles well in his book “Liberal Fascism,”) and a disturbing present.
Many people I talk to are surprised to find that Planned Parenthood was founded in 1916 by elitist, racist, and eugenics advocate Margaret Higgins Sanger. PPFA began as the nation’s first birth control facility. 
Katherine Lopez points out that Sanger wrote, “We want fewer and better children … and we cannot make the social life and the world-peace we are determined to make, with the ill-bred, ill-trained swarms of inferior citizens that you inflict on us.’” As Lopez says, “This ghastly pro-eugenics message appeared in the introduction to Margaret Sanger’s 1922 book, ‘The Pivot of Civilization.'”
But attempts by pro-life politicians to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood are always averted. 
Defenders of the organization argue that the government money goes toward family-planning outreach, not just abortions. 
Lopez argues, “But why does Planned Parenthood even need the U.S. Treasury, considering it makes a healthy profit year after year? Shouldn’t we at least be arguing over this?”
At the very least. 
But, what do you think?

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