‘One egg’ IVF strategy launched

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June 27, 2008
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‘One egg’ IVF strategy launched

According to the BBC, fertility experts in Great Britain have called for a dramatic cut in the number of twins born after IVF treatment. IVF clinics in the UK will be expected to reduce the number of multiple births from a national average of one in four to 10% over the next three years. It will mean increasing the proportion of women who have a single embryo transferred back into their womb.
My Take?
It’s about time! And, this should be the policy here in the U.S.
Yes, it may be an unpopular policy with patients who may end up spending more on fertility treatment.
But, it will reduce the risk of multiple gestations (twins, triplets, etc.) and all of the medical complications that come with multiple gestations.
Multiple births are more dangerous for the mother and babies due to health problems during pregnancy including miscarriage and a higher chance of premature birth.
There are also risks of long-term health or developmental problems for twins or triplets compared with singletons.

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