Brazilian Mom Wisely Rejects Doctors’ Advice to Abort

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June 9, 2008
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June 9, 2008
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Brazilian Mom Wisely Rejects Doctors’ Advice to Abort

Citizen Link is reporting that a year and a half ago in Brazil, Cacilda Galante Ferreira gave birth to a girl, ignoring doctors’ advice to abort her because she did not have a complete brain.
Some medical professionals claim babies with that condition cannot live outside the womb. Today, Marcela is healthy and responds to family members.
My Take?
It is almost never ethical to kill an unborn child. This is just another case of where prenatal predictions can go wrong. In the Larimore family, our firstborn, Kate, was born with only about 1/3 of a brain. As a thriving young woman, beautiful in every way, I know she’s delighted that, for her, we chose life.

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