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Travel Schedule

October- December 2014




10/1-2 Emerald Valley Ranch, CO Vacation


New Orleans, LA

AMA’s CPT Committee


Destin, FL



Tulsa, OK

Visiting Faculty at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency

10/23-25 Boston, MA Faith at WOrk Conference


Colorado Springs, CO

Life Network Board Meeting


Louisville, KY

Global Missions Health Conference


Portland, OR

“Grace Prescriptions” Conference

11/17-22 Vero Beach, FL Vacation


Colorado Springs, CO

International Board Meeting


Baton Rouge, LA

Family Reunion

Assessment Tools and Web sites

Health Tools For Individuals

Assess Your Health - Adult
Spanish Version
Chinese Version
Portuguese Version
Korean Version
4 Wheel Diagram - Adult

Assess Your Health - Young Adult
4 Wheel Diagram - Young Adult

Assess Your Health - Christian
4 Wheel Diagram - Adult

Assess Your Health - Teens

Health Tools For Churches
or Small Groups

Church Program

10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People Small-Group Study Guide

Health Tools For Parents

Assessing Your Parenting Style

Assess Your Teen's Health

Spanish Version
4 Wheel Diagram - Teen

Assess Your Child's Health
Spanish Version
4 Wheel Diagram - Child

Assess Your Family's Diet,
Activity and Rest Habits
(SuperSized Kids Quiz)

8-Week Family Fitness Plan (SuperSized Kids 8-Week Plan)
Spanish Version

Level Two 8-Week Family Fitness Plan (SuperSized Kids Level Two 8-Week Plan)

Calculate your Child or Teen's
BMI Percentile

Calculate your Child or Teen's
Blood Pressure Percentile

Epocrates Online

This site is for the purpose of keeping you up-to-date on current Christian Health News.

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Dr. Walt's Book Nook
TSI: The Influenza Bomb

Dr. Walt's First Novel
An ancient disease, a modern pandemic, and the one person who offers hope for a cure has been dead for 350 years. In 1666, a horrible disease took the lives of almost every person in Eyam (pronounced Eem), England. Helping the sick and the dying was the mysterious and ghostlike Blue Monk, whose strange appearance terrified even those who were comforted by him.

10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People: Becoming and Staying Highly Healthy

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A must-have resource for pursuing wellness, coping with illness, and developing a plan to care for the health needs of life. For yourself and those you love. Expert, current, and full of surprises. Medically reliable. Biblically sound. The 10 principles in this book have made a life-changing—and in many cases a life-saving—difference for many people.

His Brain, Her Brain

NOW AVAILABLE. His Brain, Her Brain offers guidance on how to understand your spouse’s God-created blueprint and purpose, how to communicate effectively with your spouse based on his or her design, and simply how to understand God’s intention and plan for marriage. The Larimores show how differences between the male brain and the female brain complement each other to help couples build a delightful, lasting marriage.
Table of Contents
Chapter One

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine is the first comprehensive guidebook to non-traditional medicine written from a distinctively Christian perspective. Here at last is the detailed and balanced coverage of alternative medicine that you've been looking for.
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