June 17, 1944 — The 3rd Division moves to Pozzuoli by train to train

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June 17, 1944 — The 3rd Division moves to Pozzuoli by train to train

Sgt. Norman Mohar wrote home about the 3rd Division’s moved to Pozzuoli, Italy.

The 3rd Infantry Division was moved to a location to board a railroad train. It wasn’t a luxury liner either.

It was the kind they called “40 and 8s”–I think these had seats though.

We crossed the land on which we fought our way to Rome.

We didn’t have any idea of our destination. We only knew that we were going south.

We ended up in the same area where we took training for ANZIO. Pozzuoli.

It is situated about 12 miles inland from the bay at Naples.

We found out the distance the hard way–marching to and from every other day.

We marched through the hills and down to the sea many times.

On one day’s training, I remember climbing a trail through dense brush.

Someone said.” Last one through close the gate. Pass it on.”

So you’d yell back the same message to the GI who was following you!

Heck! There was no gate! Some smart aleck started that up ahead. [1]

[1] Sgt. Norman Mohar’s WWII Story. In: Chapter 4. http://tinyurl.com/not4z4g

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