June 16, 1944 — Dad’s division bivouacs at Lido di Ostia

June 15, 1944 — The Roman Holiday ends
June 15, 2024
June 17, 1944 — The 3rd Division moves to Pozzuoli by train to train
June 17, 2024
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June 16, 1944 — Dad’s division bivouacs at Lido di Ostia

During the summer of 1944, intensive amphibious training was again undertaken, and the division was soon brought to a new peak of combat efficiency under Major General John W. O’Daniel, who had taken over from General Truscott during early beachhead days.[1]

The Division moved out by motor convoy on the 16th of June, where they remained until June 21.

The interlude in Lido di Ostia was preparatory to the move back to the Naples area where the Division would go into training for yet another amphibious assault—the beaches of Southern France.[2]


Upon arrival in the new bivouac area, all units established and improved their areas and commenced a training program covering close-order drill, military courtesy, calisthenics, hardening marches, scouting and patrolling, and small-unit problems.

Also included were athletics, ceremonies, and the care and cleaning of equipment.

Plans were immediately formulated by the various headquarters for the move to the Naples area. Some organizations were scheduled to move by motor, some by boat.[3]

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