June 1, 1944 — The final drive to liberate Rome begins

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June 1, 2024
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June 1, 2024
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June 1, 1944 — The final drive to liberate Rome begins

At 0500, 1 June 1944, II Corps began its final drive on Rome.[1]

The first objectives set by corps were Highway 6 and the Cave road.

The 3rd Division attacked the enemy positions astride the Artena-Valmontone road to cut Highway 6 at Valmontone and drive on to the Palestrina-Cave road near Cave, thereby blocking off the enemy forces to the east.[1]


Opposition by the Hermann Goering Panzer Parachute Division was intense on 1 June, but our superiority in force gradually pushed the enemy back.

The 1st Special Service Force took its objective, the high ground southeast of Valmontone, in the morning and consolidated its positions to guard the right flank of the 3rd Division.

The 15th Infantry advanced east of the Artena-Valmontone road, beat off several attacks by Mark VI tanks, and reached Highway 6 by the evening.

On the left the 30th Infantry and Task Force Howze advanced more slowly against determined resistance.[2]


The 3rd Division launched a massive attack against the town of Valmontone early on the morning of June 1.

The 15th Regiment attacked …. With the 30th Regiment on the left.

The next day, Valmontone fell to 3rd Division troops.[3]


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