Worldwide Webinar to Healthcare Professionals on Religious Struggle

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February 17, 2023
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March 2, 2023
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Worldwide Webinar to Healthcare Professionals on Religious Struggle

Recently I had the honor and privilege of presenting a worldwide webinar to healthcare professionals on the topic of “Using a spiritual history to uncover religious struggle.” I was blown away to learn that people from 58 countries attended the International Christian Medical and Dental Associations (ICMDA) webinar. There are details below if you want to see a video of the presentation and other resources that were offered b ICMDA.

Thank you for registering for the ICMDA webinar with Dr. Walt Larimore entitled: 

Using a spiritual history to uncover religious struggle

In case you missed it, a webinar recording is now available:

More resources from Dr. Walt:

Further resources:

ICMDA has a growing catalogue of webinars – browse to watch a session you may have missed.
Upcoming webinars (click the image to register)
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9 February 2023
The teenage brain and decision making
16 February 2023
ICMDA wrote, “For your interest, we had folk from the following 58 countries register:”
Angola France Peru
Antigua and Barbuda Germany Philippines
Australia Ghana Poland
Austria Hong Kong SAR Romania
Barbados Hungary Russia
Brazil India Senegal
Brunei Darussalam Indonesia Sierra Leone
Bulgaria Ireland Singapore
Burkina Faso Israel South Africa
Burundi Kenya South Sudan
Cameroon Korea, Republic of Spain
Canada Malaysia Timor-Leste
Chile Mali Togo
Colombia Mexico Uganda
Congo, DR Mongolia United Kingdom
Czech Republic Nepal United States
Ecuador Nigeria Zambia
Egypt Norway Zimbabwe
El Salvador Pakistan
Finland Panama
And for your encouragement here are some of the comments from the chat in case you didn’t see them:

From  Susana Catota: Muchas gracias por esta excelente presentación . Si Me facilita la presentación estaré muy agradecido. Dios continúe bendiciendo

From  Nils Magerøy: Thank you for a eye opening presentation.
From  Tae young Hong : Thank you Dr Larimore
From  Bourama Sidibe : thanks Dr , it was very relevant
From  Dagmar Schneidrová : Thank you for sharing your valuable and rich experience and resources.
From  Michel Awad : Thank you for your sharing. Great input

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