Saturday Book Report – You’ll want to hear some of my recent interviews about my WWII book

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November 4, 2022
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Saturday Book Report – You’ll want to hear some of my recent interviews about my WWII book

Ascot Media is continuing a successful Veteran’s Day PR campaign for my WWII book, At First Light. We’re now going to continue the campaign through the holiday season. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to one or two of the interviews.


  1. Business News This Week article (10/27/22)
  2. Anez Sez Podcast with Scott Anez of WDBO Radio in Orlando (17 minutes, 10/27/22)
  3. The Bill Martinez National Radio Show — in hour #3 of the show (30 minutes, 10/28/22)
  4. William Ramsay Investigates podcast (55 minutes, 10/31/22)
  5. 55KRC Cincinnati Morning Show with Brian Thomas (13 minutes, 11/02/22)


  1. 10-24-22 — The book is in Review by Jim Cox of Midwest Book Review and David D. Kindy who has reviewed books for the Boston Globe and Providence Journal.
  2. 11-07-22 — Will record a live interview with The Jeff Kennedy Show on The Legend 93.5 FM and 930 AM in Flagstaff AZ
  3. 11-11-22 — I’ll be on the Livewire Morning Show on KWRE-AM in St. Louis
  4. 11-11-22 — Veteran’s Day Fundraiser Keynote – Asheville, NC (Presentation and book signing)
  5. 11-11-22 — Will record a live interview on Westwood One’s The Jim Bohannon Show (with substitute host Rich Valdes)
  6. 12-11-22 — The Stephen Ambrose History Happy Hour
  7. 01-10-23 — National WWII Museum – New Orleans, LA (Presentation and book signing)
  8. 01-23-23 — Will record a live interview on the Moments with Marianne Radio Show on KMET 1490AM


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