My WWII Book, “At First Light,” gathering more amazing endorsements

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My WWII Book, “At First Light,” gathering more amazing endorsements

The WWII book about my father and his exploits, “At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse,” is at the printer. The book will be released on April 19 but is gathering more and more amazing endorsements.


You Can View or PreOrder the Book Here

I’m so blessed to have nearly 40 amazing endorsements for “At First Light.” Here are a few more of the favorites that I hope will pique your interest:

“I spent the majority of my life fighting battles on the football field—thirty years in the National Football League, nine Super Bowls, and legendary classics like the famous ‘Ice Bowl.’ I’ve told my ‘war stories’ from the NFL for years, but none of my tales come close to the captivating story shared by Walt Larimore in At First Light, a war story about his father who fought to protect the very freedoms you and I enjoy in this country we love.”

—Dan Reeves, Super Bowl Champion and record-setting NFL player and coach

“I spent thirty-eight years in the Logistics world in peace and war, ultimately supporting the warfighter in every contingency since 1983. That’s what made At First Light such an absorbing read for me. Walt Larimore’s meticulous research brings his father back to life and speaks to me of combat fortitude, unimaginable courage, and front-line action. This outstanding work also brought into focus my own father’s service and sacrifice as a tank commander in the Ardennes. This story is one you cannot afford to miss.”

—Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody, U.S. Army (Ret.) and the first woman to achieve the rank of four-star General in United States military history

“I’m the author of fifteen novels set in World War II, so I’m always drawn to a great story from a fascinating time in history. At First Light does not disappoint. The pages turned quickly in this compelling story about a brave man, Philip Larimore.”

—Tricia Goyer, author of Dawn of a Thousand Nights and Songbird Under a German Moon

“It’s said that 2nd lieutenants in World War II had one of the shortest lifespans of anyone entering combat. And no wonder: They could not cower in a foxhole waiting for someone else to lead the way, to get up and walk into enemy fire. No matter how exhausted or frightened they were, they could not shirk their duty of being an example for their men (boys, really). Usually only in their early-to mid-twenties, they shouldered responsibilities that would have overwhelmed older men. The combat experiences of Phil Larimore, as captured by his son in this terrific and inspirational book, are a testament to the grit and fortitude of a generation who really knew the meaning of duty and personal sacrifice for the greater good.”

—Flint Whitlock, former U.S. Army captain, and editor of WWII Quarterly magazine

More amazing endorsements are posted here. I hope you’ll preorder a copy for yourself and encourage any other WWII fans you know to do the same!

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