Good sleep reduces cognitive decline even in early Alzheimer’s

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December 9, 2021
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December 13, 2021
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Good sleep reduces cognitive decline even in early Alzheimer’s

HealthDay reports that getting the right amount of sleep — not too much and not too little — could reduce your risk of mental decline as you age, even if you have early Alzheimer’s disease.

The study claims that poor sleep and Alzheimer’s disease are both associated with thinking (“cognitive”) declines but separating out the effects of each has been a challenge in the past.

This new study included 100 older adults whose cognitive function had been monitored for an average of over four years. The participants underwent a sleep study and were tested for a high-risk Alzheimer’s genetic variant.

Overall, cognitive scores declined for those with less than 5.5 or more than 7.5 hours of self-reported sleep per night, while scores remained stable for those in the middle of the range.

The findings were published in the journal Brain.

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