If you don’t vaccinate your kids, should your kids be kept away from school, team sports, and youth groups? I vote “yes”!

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November 29, 2011
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November 30, 2011
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If you don’t vaccinate your kids, should your kids be kept away from school, team sports, and youth groups? I vote “yes”!

I’ve told you in the past that when parents choose to not vaccinate their children, not only are their children at risk, but so are other children in the community. Here’s more proof of that.
In the New York Times “Motherlode” blog, Jenny Anderson writes, “In a typical year, the Centers for Disease Control sees 60 to 70 cases of measles,” but “as of Oct. 14, 2011, it had tracked 214 cases – the worst figure in 15 years.”
Anderson writes, “And here’s the part that kills me: in 86 percent of those cases, the person with the disease had not been vaccinated …”
Researchers had shown that a measles outbreak caused by one person “cost two local hospitals a total of nearly $800,000, and the state and local health departments tens of thousands more, to track down the cases, quarantine and treat the sick and notify the thousands of people who might have been exposed.”
I agree with others who are now suggesting it should be far more difficult for parents to opt out of vaccination and if they do, there should be strict restrictions on their kid’s social activities such as attending school, attending school trips, participating in teams sports, and perhaps even attending youth group events.
In other words, the government, youth group organizers, camp directors, coaches, and churches should ALL consider protecting the majority of kids from the highly unhealthy (and I think selfish) decisions of a few parents that choose not to have their kids vaccinated.
It is appropriate, and urgent, that those who love and serve children protect the health of ALL kids from those whose choices about vaccines are putting the rest of our kids at risk.
In other words, if you choose not to vaccinate your child, fine. But then that child, who is now a potential danger to him or herself AND many others, shouldn’t have the right to be around and to endanger other children.
I expect this opinion to be controversial, but I believe it best for the health of ALL of our children.
Others are now coming to this same opinion. You can read about this in my blog, Vaccinations should be required.

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