15 minutes’ daily exercise boosts life expectancy by three years

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September 28, 2011
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September 30, 2011
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15 minutes’ daily exercise boosts life expectancy by three years

ABC World News reported, “If you need any more convincing that a little bit of exercise can make a huge difference in your life, here’s some powerful new proof: A study in the medical journal Lancet looked at 400,000 people and found just 15 minutes of exercise a day increases life expectancy three years.”
The AP reports that “researchers at the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan” noting that World Health Organization guidance, CDC recommendations, and guidelines from “other countries recommend that adults get at least a half-hour of moderate workout most days of the week,” conducted the study to determine whether “exercising less than the recommended half-hour was still helpful.”
They asked “about 416,000 Taiwanese adults” how much exercising they “did the previous month” and recorded study participants’ “progress for eight years on average.”
The research team found those who “exercised just 15 minutes a day — or 90 minutes a week — cut their risk of death by 14 percent” compared with those who did not exercise; and both men and women “benefited equally” from exercising.
Bloomberg News adds that the study found those who exercised for 90 minutes per week were also “14-percent less likely to have died after eight years than those who were inactive.”
Moreover, every additional “15 minutes of exercise reduced the risk” of death by an “additional 4 percent up to 100 minutes a day, after which there was no additional benefit.”
Notably, the reduction was “as high as 40 percent for those who exercised most often and most vigorously.” The results show that even a “small amount of exercise can lower an individual’s risk of death and disease, and a nation’s health costs,” the study authors concluded.
So, the bottom line? Get off your bottom and begin to move. It’ll do ya good.

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