The pros and cons of pacifier use

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May 16, 2011
10 Tips for Pacifier Use and Pacifier Weaning
May 17, 2011
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The pros and cons of pacifier use

Two years I blogged on “Pacifiers for Babies – What are the Risks and Benefits?” Recently, WebMD reported that it “went to pediatricians, parents, therapists, and dentists to get the pros and cons of baby pacifiers.” I thought you parents would find the results interesting.
Some of the reasons to use a pacifier include

  • protection against SIDS,
  • helping babies pacify themselves, and
  • easier weaning.

Some of the reasons against using a pacifier include

  • mistakenly assuming a child needs to be pacified when it “really needs nutrition-based sucking, such as a breast or bottle,” and
  • an increased risk for ear infections.

For more details, see my complete report, Pacifiers for Babies – What are the Risks and Benefits?
Also, the WebMD article also included ten tips for pacifier use and pacifier weaning.

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