The Amazing Story of Anastasha – Part 3

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July 19, 2010
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The Amazing Story of Anastasha – Part 3

Thanks to Dr. Steiner and Kate for thoughtful and encouraging comments on Part 2 of Anastasha’s story. You can find their comments here. I’m hoping others of you will comment as Dr. DeLisi shares more in the future. I admire his courage in opening this painful door into his, Tonya’s, and their children’s lives. I hope you’ll keep them in your prayers. Here is the latest I have from Craig who is asking each of us (and society) some very important questions:


This week Anastasha is 24 weeks old in Tonya’s womb. This is (roughly) considered the time when a baby’s lungs are at the minimum maturity for her life to be sustained outside the womb. Anytime before 22/23 weeks is considered incompatible with survival if an infant is born. In medicine, we call milestone this “viability”.

It may seem arbitrary, but this is when many people, including many ethicists and physicians, consider an unborn child a “person.” To kill a baby before this time, many argue, is morally acceptable because it could not otherwise survive. To do it after this point is morally objectionable because he or she could live.

Does this seem subjective to you? It should because it is.

This is despite the fact that the baby’s heart has been beating for 4 months, she has fingernails and toenails, feels and withdraws from pain, can suck her thumb, hear noises, and even hiccup.  Sound alive?  Yeah, she does to me too.

A very important and related question is this: “When is an unborn child truly human or alive?”

Or, another way, “What makes a child’s (or man’s) life have value?”

If not mature lungs, how about when the heart starts beating?  Anastasha’s heart has been beating since 25 days post conception. This is about the time most women realize they are pregnant. Is a beating heart what gives life?

If not the heart, how about brain activity? This higher level thinking is one thing that separates us from animals  Maybe this is what gives a child or man his/her worth.

Anastasha doesn’t have higher brain activity. So is she “dead” for all intents and purposes? If it is higher level thinking, then what about someone who is severely mentally retarded? Or someone in a coma? Or an eighty year old man in a nursing home with end stage Alzheimer’s disease. Are they alive? Do their lives have value?

What about the ability to love? This is obviously a progressive thing. Newborns certainly can’t. And children learn this over time. And some people chose to never love.

What about the first breath? This is when children begin to have protection under the law and are considered citizens. Killing them in the womb is legal, even at term in many states, up to this point. But once the first breath is taken, they are considered a human being, and killing them is murder. So is inhaling oxygen for the first time what makes us human?

As you can see, there are many different answers that many people consider. And these principles don’t just apply to babies. They apply to the elderly, those in comas, and those who are severely mentally handicapped.

My point is that these are all arbitrary, man-made attempts at defining something endowed to us by our Creator – life. He made it, so He defines it. Not us. And what is His definition of when Anastasha’s, and every other child ever created, life began?

    • From birth I was cast upon you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God. Psalm 22:10
    • For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:13-14
    • Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, 
before you were born I set you apart. Jeremiah 1:5
    • Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me. Psalm 51:5
    • When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. Luke 1:41 (John the Baptist responding while in the womb to Jesus in Mary’s womb, shortly after Jesus was conceived)

I think there is only one consistent answer in this world with so many subjective, seemingly arbitrary alternatives. We are FULLY HUMAN and ALIVE, at the moment of conception when our Creator endows us with an eternal soul. I think this is really the only Biblical answer to the question.

I agree that a two week old, microscopic baby that is known only by the faint “positive” line on the pregnancy test doesn’t “feel” as human or alive as a baby in our arms after birth, but I believe that he or she is.

The difference is really only in our subjective experience of the child at that point. This experience changes radically over time, but our perception of how much we love the child DOES NOT CHANGE HIS OR HER INATE WORTH.

Just as the fact that a child in one family is unloved by his/her parents doesn’t make him or her any less valuable than one who is deeply loved by other parents.

So what changes from that time when a baby is conceived to when he or she is born?

Our experience of loving him or her changes. Just as it changes from when they are a helpless infant to when they are an older child who can relate and reciprocate love. Over time our love naturally deepens and the character of that love changes. But does the value of person we love change? Is their worth greater because we love them more or differently?

No, it isn’t.

I believe that we wrongly interpret that deepening love as defining a greater worth on the life we are loving. But it is all subjective, based on our experiences or emotions. I believe this is NOT God the Father’s perspective.

So are babies that are miscarried early in pregnancy of the same worth, in God’s eyes, as a life lived fully for Him for 80 or 90 years?


Is a mentally retarded child’s life of the same worth in God’s eyes as that of Albert Einstein?


Is a person in a vegetative state (like a coma) for months or years have the same worth to the Father as the President of the United States?


Does Anastasha, although she will probably never ride a bike, speak a word, hold our hand, think a thought, or love in this world have the same worth to God Almighty as my life or Tonya’s or any of our children’s lives?

Yes indeed.

Our value isn’t based on what we do, but rather who we are and by Whom we were created. Just like a painting by Picasso isn’t valued by what it does (nothing) or how beautiful it is (let’s be honest), but is valued because of who the artist is.

Our Artist, God Almighty, puts His signature in our souls. And because of that, we are each worth more than all the riches in the world.

Even Anastasha.  Especially Anastasha.

So when many of you wonder why (few have asked us directly) we are carrying Anastasha to term rather than ending her life now, this is the reason. The truth is that her life is just as valuable as that of all of our other children, or my life, or yours. She is right now FULLY HUMAN and ALIVE. She is created in the image of God Almighty. And she is our daughter.

Will she live when she is born? Most probably not. But that does not, IN ANY WAY, change who she is right now. We feel no more like we have the right to kill her than we have the right to kill Charis or Ariana. I know that is a terrible mental image, but the repulsiveness of it is the same in our mind as aborting Anastasha.

Heavy duty stuff, I know. But we believe it to be God’s perspective and, as such, to be true.

We are challenged to love Anastasha deeply despite the fact that she will never love us back on this earth. And maybe many of you will be challenged to see ALL LIFE as created by God, for both His temporal and eternal purposes, and NOT ONE of those lives as being more valuable than another. And NOT ONE of those lives is a mistake.

Not ever.

Bless you all.

Craig and Tonya

Thanks, Craig and Tonya.You have blessed me. Anastasha has blessed me. And, I bet her special life and you all’s testimony will continue to do so. Know I’m praying for you all.

Here’s the entire series of amazing stories:


  1. I am an old and good friend of Tanya’s parents. My husband Joe and I are retired and live in Gainesville, FL.
    Throughout the years we have been connected to Tanya, Craig and the children, even though we have never met, and have admired them as very special people.
    While in Gtmo, working with Jackie, we prayed for Ariana when she took ill and we firmly believe that the Grace of God and His infinite Mercy touched their lives and rewarded them with Ariana’s health.
    Once again we have been praying for Tanya, Craig, Anastasha and the children for our dear Lord to grant them strength, courage and faith in the Almighty during this difficult times.
    To answer the question “When is an unborn child alive, or when does life really begins?”, it has to be at conception. A house is not only walls put together over a roof, but also the foundation and the preparation of the land, basically, from the beginning. Our Creator gave us life since the conception, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”.
    Thanks for sharing your blogs with us. Craig, Tanya and the family are so inspiring to us all and a great example. I have been forwarding Jackie’s e-mails with Craig’s blogs to my friends and family that are praying for them and they are all in awe with Anastasha and the love she is receiving from so many people.
    Once again, thanks and may God continue to bless you all!

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