Let Your Kids Play Creatively and They Will Become Healthier Adults

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May 12, 2010
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May 12, 2010
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Let Your Kids Play Creatively and They Will Become Healthier Adults

According to new research, we grown-ups need to encourage our kids to play. Indeed, children who engage in creative and active play may grow up to be healthier adults, suggests a British study. The finding comes from a study that involved 505 young adults who provided information about their health and their childhood play experiences. Here are the details from HealthDay News:
Four types of play were found to be associated in different ways with adult health, said the University of Ulster researchers.
Higher levels of creative play in childhood predicted good adult health habits, such as eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. More active play in childhood was associated with better overall health and more exercise in adulthood.
Adults who had restrictions on play — such as less time to play — were more likely to be overweight and have less healthy lifestyles.
“Having the freedom and opportunity to play is important for all aspects of child development and is a right that is often overlooked,” study author Tony Cassidy said in a news release from the British Psychological Society.
“It is something that most children want to do, and do naturally, but its importance is not always recognized by adults, particularly policymakers.”
“For all sorts of reasons, our society has restricted child play,” he added. “To remove restrictions and reverse a potentially damaging trend requires a change in attitudes across adult society.”
For more information, the American Academy of Family Physicians offers tips for healthy children and families.

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