Larimore Family Newsletter – May 2010

Miscarriage or Stillbirth Should be a ‘911 Call’ for Churches and Healthcare Professionals
May 7, 2010
Trip to Italy – Days #1 and 2 – Flight Nightmares
May 9, 2010
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Larimore Family Newsletter – May 2010

Well, my oh my, turns out I’m able to get out a May newsletter (last time I told you I did not think I would). Anyway, here are this month’s updates:

  • Family Update
    • Traveling to Italy
  • Publication Update
    • First Review of The Influenza Bomb
    • Article in Revive Magazine – Mentored by a Milker of Cows
    • Featured iSpecialist at iMOM
    • Two Articles in Significant Living Magazine Just Out: Workplace Grace
    • Coming June 1: Time Scene Investigators: The Influenza BombEvents of the last month
  • Last Month’s Events
  • Upcoming Events

Family Update

Barb and I are excited to be attending a wedding at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome on May 21st. (Yes, THAT St. Peter’s!)


Our dear friends, John and Cleta Hartman (John and I were residents together at Duke and then we practiced together in Kissimmee, FL, for nearly 16 years), will be marrying off their youngest daughter, Ann.
So, we decided to make it the trip of a lifetime. You can see our schedule below, but we’ll be visiting Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, and Florence before returning to Rome for the wedding on Friday, May 21st. Then, we’re planning to be back in the U.S. on Monday, May 24th.
And, we’re hoping to blog about our experiences each day that we have Internet access. So, come back frequently to follow along with us.

Publishing Update

First Review of The Influenza Bomb
Every author anticipates the reception of his or her book(s). And, so was I about the sequel to The Gabon Virus (my first novel). Then, the publisher wrote me to tell me the first review was in. She wrote, “This is great, Walt! Especially since the review is from Harriet Klausner, the #1 reviewer on Amazon! Congrats!”


So, here it is …

The Influenza Bomb. Paul McCusker and Walt Larimore, M.D. (Howard. Jun 1 2010, $14.99. ISBN: 9781416569756)

In 1918 and 1919, the Spanish Flu spread around the globe, killing millions. What almost the entire world does not know is that the Germans used a desiccated virus – only more powerful than the original flu – and placed it water, drinks and food on military bases. The disease went international killing many including Germans.

During the blitzkrieg in 1941, the Nazis released bombs that purposely failed to explode but contained the lethal virus so when the specialists detonated them they would inadvertently send the disease airborne exposing the British to death. This biological warfare method was not a rousing success.

In the present, there is a new Spanish Flu epidemic only more virulent then the previous attacks. Dr. Susan Hutchinson from WHO is part of a covert TCI group is in Russia trying to contain the disease and treat the patients. The disease spreads to other countries while in Germany TSI operatives Mark Carlson and Nora Richards seek a cure among hidden Nazi caves and catacombs where the antivirus may be found.

However, an ecoterrorist group Return to Earth spreads the flu, as their goal in humanity’s extinction. TSI and other law enforcement groups try to prevent Return to Earth’s deployment of their final solution.

Ripped from today’s headlines, this chilling thriller is very plausible as bioterrorism is a real threat to this nation’s security. Reading like a cross between Dan Brown and Frederick Forsyth, fans will enjoy this high-octane, over the top of the Kremlin and German Alps, frantic save-the-world thriller, as the Time Scene Investigators are reaching the doomsday clock countdown with The Influenza Bomb ignition.

Harriet Klausner

Article in Revive Magazine – Mentored by a Milker of Cows
I’ve written an article about my dear friend and mentor, Bill Judge, for Revive Magazine. It’s called “Mentored By A Milker Of Cows.” You can read it here. If you like it, I hope you’ll share it with friends.


Featured iSpecialist at iMOM
This month I was the one of the featured iSpecialists of the week on The article they featured highlighted excerpted a section from my and Barb’s book His Brain, Her Brain.


The article, titled An Everyday Clue for Bridging the Communication Gap between Men and Women was posted here. The iMOM folks says the article was viewed by over 16,000 moms on Tuesday, April 27th.
The iMOM folks wrote, “We received great response to both articles! You can read some of our subscribers’ comments at this link.”
Also, you can download or read the first chapter of His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage here.
Two Articles in Significant Living Magazine
I had articles in the Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr issues of Significant Living magazine. The first was Take Good Care: Make a few changes to prevent disease and improve longevity.
The second article Unburden Yourself: Harboring anger, resentment, or blame? It may be taking a toll on your health, and previous articles in this series can be found here.
Just Out: Workplace Grace


The publisher writes: Workplace Grace, formerly titled Going Public with Your Faith, flies in the face of almost everything you’ve ever read or heard about evangelism.
This book is written for all Christians who may not think they have a gift for evangelism but want their lives to have an impact on the people around them. It describes evangelism as a process and helps you understand how your skills and God-given gifts can easily be used to draw customers, clients, and coworkers to new life in Jesus Christ.
Learn more here.

Coming June 1: Time Scene Investigators: The Influenza Bomb
My second novel, a sequel to Time Scene Investigators: The Gabon Virus, is scheduled for release in June. I wanted you to be the first to see the new cover for the book. I hope you like it as much as I do:


Events of the last month

All Month Long: I’ll labored to finish my final edits for my first solo novel, tentatively titled, Hazel Creek. The manuscript is due May 7th and I got it in on time! WHEW!!! Although, just before I sent it in, I re-titled it Like Bunnies in Clover: A Hazel Creek Novel. The new title is based upon a Sallie Middleton watercolor that Barb and I have owned over the last 30 years. Sallie’s estate (she’s passed on) has given us permission to use the art work on the cover, should the publisher want to.


Apr 7: I was a guest on a live webcast of “Your Family Live!” The topic was “Sex and Intimacy.” You can still view the webcast here.
Apr 14: I flew to Kearney, Nebraska to make two presentations for the Two Rivers Department of Public Health on the topic of “How to Protect Your Family from the Childhood Obesity Epidemic.” I spoke in Lexington and Holdrege to packed auditoriums. The presentations seem well received and I’m praying many families were helped by the information. You can learn more about the topic in my book, SuperSized Kids: How to protect your child from the obesity threat.
By the way, the book is on sale this month for $3.99 here. And, you can read the first chapter here.


Apr 28-May 2: Barb and I flew to Chicago where I participated in an AMA RUC meeting.  We love going to Chicago, but we come pack carrying a few more pounds than we should!

Upcoming Events

May 8-24: We’ll be spending some time in Italy. We’ve been blessed to have spent several weeks in Italy in 1978 (right after Medical School) and in 2004 (after leaving Focus on the Family). We LOVE Italy and are looking forward to our time there. Our excuse to get there is that our dear friends (with whom we practiced in Kissimmee, FL, from 1985 through 2001, John and Cleta Hartman, have invited us to the wedding of their youngest daughter, Annie, at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City on Friday, May 21. Here’s our itinerary:

  • May 8-9: Fly from Denver to Rome
  • May 9-10: Sightsee in Rome
  • May 11: Train to Venice
  • May 12: Sightsee in Venice
  • May 13: Train to Cinque Terre
  • May 14-15: Sightsee in Cinque Terre
  • May 16: Train to Florence
  • May 17-19: Sightsee in Florence
  • May 20: Train to Rome
  • May 21: Attend the wedding of Annie Hartman in St. Peter’s at Vatican City
  • May 22-23: Sightsee in Rome
  • May 24: Fly Home

Past Issues

You can get more information on many of my upcoming events here.


  1. gail guard says:

    Have a wonderful relaxing time. You have earned it. Hope you and Barb have the best trip ever and know that the wedding will b beautiful.
    May God Bless n keep you

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