How to Make Chocolate a Healthy Indulgence

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April 2, 2010
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April 2, 2010
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How to Make Chocolate a Healthy Indulgence

The benefits of being a chocolate lover
From Health magazine
This ultimate feel-good food keeps your heart healthy, mood up, and body in great shape. Find out what all this natural ingredient can do for you.

Here’s a just-in-time-for-Easter article on the benefits of being a chocolate lover from Health magazine. This ultimate feel-good food, in moderation, can keep your heart healthy, your mood up, and your body in great shape. Read on to find out what all this natural health food can do for you.

Heart helper

Chocotini, anyone? A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate dark chocolate had less of a protein that indicates inflammation, which can lead to a heart attack. A more recent study showed that just one small square of chocolate a day can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Mood booster

There’s a good reason we crave chocolate when we’re down. Its tryptophan ups mood-lifting serotonin in the brain. One study found that even the taste, texture, and smell make us happy.

Skin soother

For a spa treat, try this bath from Lauren Cox’s Eco Beauty: Combine 2 cups chocolate milk, 2 tablespoons mild liquid soap, and 1 tablespoon honey; pour mixture into the bathtub. The chocolate milk’s lactic acid and antioxidants smooth and soften your skin.

Cravings buster

University of Copenhagen researchers published a study showing that subjects felt fuller and craved fewer sweet, salty, and fatty foods when they snacked on chocolate (yes!). Be sure to choose dark chocolate: Its low glycemic index steadies blood sugar levels, cutting cravings.

And remember, too much of a good thing …

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